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  1. This is all setting up for Dabo to go 3-0 against tOSU.
  2. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28226455/wilpons-negotiating-sell-controlling-stake-mets-hedge-fund-manager Just waiting for a video of Tnak's reaction, assuming he makes one.
  3. With the move to the new ballpark, Texas had the opportunity to clean up their look. Tweaking the font, dropping the drop shadow altogether, and putting "Rangers" on the home jerseys... and they only did one of these, in a lackluster fashion. Disappointing. They're going to stay on my "teams that need a change" list.
  4. Outside of D.C. and New York, I'm not too big on the rest of these. The templates suck; I though we grew out of the piping/panel era?
  5. I know Michigan had some impressive back-to-back wins, but moving from unranked to #4 seemed like a huge stretch.
  6. Favorite - The Tigers being navy/white at home and navy/orange on the road. Both unis look good and would be tough to replace. Least favorite - Those Ohio State football unis with the black TV numbers. Never saw the point of those being black... They were harder to read than they would've been white.
  7. So I saw that we won a third game. That's cool. I think it brushes away the label of being the "worst team ever", which was pretty much granted to Miami around the start of the season. Plus it's nice to get a win against at least one team in the NFC East. I still don't care the rest of the way, but at least some good came from this season. We won't get Burrow and that's fine, but it's still disappointing how it seemed like everything was set up for us to get the first pick. I hope Tua can come back from his injury or Herbert maybe doesn't end up being a huge disappointment.
  8. I wouldn't call it a bandwagon. They're just bringing back colors that they have used in the past before. Blue and yellow are part of their history. It's arguable, but I think some people would agree that navy and metallic gold were trendy 2000's colors. Now that was jumping on the bandwagon.
  9. Michigan isn't an elite football program anymore. They're in the same boat as USC and Texas. Is Harbaugh gone after this season? Not only has he underachieved at Michigan, but he still hasn't beat Ohio State yet.
  10. With the Raiders and Cowboys, it's worth mentioning that they have a metallic silver shell and a flat grey facemask. I've heard a few times from people that these teams get a pass for having matching shells and facemasks, but they really don't. I'm not advocating for the teams to change it or anything, just really throwing it out there.
  11. Might as well add USC in there too, granted they are at least ranked. Arizona State is about to hurt the PAC-12's chances at the playoffs. Even a win for them is a loss for the conference.
  12. 20 teams in the playoffs is nuts. Imagine being in total rebuild mode and look! You currently have the 10th seed. It was mentioned already that this would totally water down the playoffs more than it already is but hey, at least we can end that Kings playoff drought sooner.
  13. I'm lmao right now... and I'm not even happy about this.
  14. Rays, Indians, Rangers, Twins, Rockies, Reds, and Mariners come to mind. I wanna say the Marlins as well, but it's a bit early so I'd give it another two years or so.
  15. They could do something in the lines of what the St. Louis Blues do with their home blues (navy crest on royal background). I do agree that the yellow outlines have never done enough on making the BiG more visible. It just blends in too much with the base color.
  16. Pros - Navy and yellow gold looks better for the Brewers than I thought. I was on the royal blue bandwagon, but these work fine. - While it's maybe too many, I like all the alternate logos. Beer barrel man is back! And I'm also glad they kept the barley around, even if it's used in their most underwhelming logo. - The home and away script, as well as the number font, are a huge upgrade. Cons - I'd like the subtle use of royal blue more if it was used outside of just the logos. It feels kinda pointless if they aren't going to be on the uniform. - Not a big fan of the navy alternate. Looks like something you'd see out of college, maybe high school. It's script is nice though. - The piping inconsistency is an eyesore. It reminds me of the Steelers and their smaller helmet stripe paired with their huge pants stripes. Overall, I really like these. This makes two great rebrands in just a single month.
  17. The T was cramped. This update finally gave all of the letters breathing room.
  18. Can we not have Oklahoma win the Big 12 again? Ugh... You blew it, Baylor.
  19. The firemen cross is cool. Why would you get rid of it for a dumb roundel?
  20. The old one was kinda dated, but it's been around for so long, it feels almost iconic. Why are so many corporations nowadays making their new logos blue and white? Is this just a trend now?
  21. I never liked the vector. Just looked ugly to me.
  22. I wasn't expecting any serious changes outside the color change, but the use of sand is a really nice touch and makes a big difference. Maybe the Padres aren't totally inept after all!
  23. We're getting two SEC teams in the playoffs. The loser of that LSU-Alabama game was still gonna be a winner.