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  1. Scoring four runs in the final ending to take the lead is the most Cardinals things ever.
  2. Preds logo would look better if navy and gold were reversed.
  3. I'm going to the Brewers-Nationals game tonight. My uncle managed to get us tickets for seats near the Brewers' dugout (which is impressive considering he no longer works for the team). I've never been to a playoff game for any league and I honestly don't have much of a rooting interest either. Just hoping for that experience of Baseball in October.
  4. Is this the third logo in the last fifteen years? I remember they had a "toonish-looking" one before their previous thinner wordmark.
  5. USC is going to keep the PAC-12 out of the playoffs again.
  6. The Cardinals will win the division. They'll have some nobody come out of nowhere and dominate the Braves, carrying them to the NLCS. We'll all be like "oh, not this again", as they take the first two games against the Dodgers. But then St. Louis will ultimately lose the series in seven games, where we'll all (except for Giants fans) have a big sigh of relief.
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/porn-company-bangbros-makes-offer-212955406.html What are the chances this becomes a reality?
  8. I can't even make out what he's saying in those texts.
  9. Remember the days when Syracuse was ranked?
  10. This is true. I view it as there just simply being much more Red Sox and Yankees fans in general, compared to Orioles fans... even counting in the state of Maryland (I don't know the stats on that though). Not to mention traveling from either Boston or New York (mostly New York) isn't that far so you'll get folks from up there coming to games. Even when the Orioles were the top team in the division back in 2014, the Red Sox-Orioles game I went to was maybe 60/40 O's.
  11. I still hate those stripes, especially when they start to curve because of player movement. The black outlines around the numbers are pointless... I forgot they were even there until looking close up at them again.
  12. I know fans would probably be opposed to it (maybe, I don't know), but I'd see no issue in just calling every MLS team "city name SC". It's not called football/futbol in the States so SC is more preferable than FC IMO. It would be unique in North American professional sports. The league doesn't have to be a Euro-wannabe and it also doesn't have to be like the big four. Fans could even use unofficial nicknames for their clubs (Go Reds, Go Loons).
  13. Seeing the amount of times he's gotten decked because of his horrible offensive line, I wouldn't have been surprised if he was contemplating retirement in the last few years. What actually surprises me is how sudden he made the decision. I thought he would've lasted at least ten years total.
  14. That was a really odd set. They only had it for a season, didn't they? They ended up going back to navy and white afterward... Was it just because they were hosting the All-Star Game? And felt the need to add another color to the logo? That was odd as well because I believe the uniforms for the games were based off of their throwbacks. The whole thing just felt like a mess.
  15. The Guardians is actually pretty cool. I was surprised to learn that no team has ever taken New York's gothic architecture as a foundation for a sports identity. I'm actually disappointed in Dallas. They couldn't have used anything besides another cowboy/western theme? Is that all that city is known for?
  16. Winner gets a year worth of Frosted Flakes.
  17. This is only happening because the governor wants to enforce his ego, by making a bridge named after his dad a prominent and iconic symbol of New York. There is no need at all to replace the current blue and gold. It's arguably one of the most distinguishable and recognizable license plates in the United States.
  18. I hope that's not actually the name. Firebirds is already in the Ontario Hockey League, but it's also just kinda meh.
  19. When a Yankees fan says that they never wear anything else because of their great, historic tradition...
  20. I would assume the team colors of the winner would replace the rainbow colors in merchandise. I think I'll be pulling for Houston in that case.
  21. ^ I haven't heard anything about that since winter. I don't even think any progress with that has been made.
  22. So they've had each of their logos for around a decade. It's been about a decade since the current one was released. I wonder if they'll have a surprise for us next year.
  23. I'm not really a fan of logos with taglines anyway.