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  1. The concepts keep trucking on, whether I get 100s of active viewers or just 1. UP NEXT: The Baltimore Ravens! HELMETS: BLACK HELMET: The Ravens have never used a different helmet color outside of black, and that's not changing for their primary helmet. Black shell and facemask, and a thick purple stripe down the middle. PURPLE HELMET: Used exclusively with the purple color rush. Purple shell and facemask, thick black stripe down the middle. HOME COMBOS: PURPLE OVER WHITE: The Ravens standard. Jersey gets black and gold stripes, while the home white pants gets gold and purple stripes. Black sock on every combination. No number outlines, the game has like only 5 fonts that let you have a number outline, which is stupid, but this matched the current font the closest. PURPLE OVER BLACK: Black pants finally get stripes! They go gold/purple/gold, same as the home white pants. The lighting in the game makes the pants look lighter then the socks, I have no clue why, but they are both black. AWAY COMBOS: WHITE OVER WHITE: The ravens away goes subliminal. Single gold stripe on the jersey and pants. Keeps it pretty clean. WHITE OVER BLACK: Same white jersey with the standard black pants. Pretty much all there is to say. ALTERNATES: GOTHIC BLACK COMBO: The only black jersey the Ravens have. Goes subliminal again, with just a single purple stripe on the shoulders and pants. White numbers, there's not enough contrast to make them purple. PURPLE AND GOLD SPECTACULAR: Comparable to their current color rush. Empty sleeves, single gold stripe on the pants. The uniform is designed to just let the colors shine. They get a purple helmet too. With that being said, C&C is appreaciated! Next up: Table Smash Incorporated!
  2. Thanks! Right now I'm not good at photoshop AND I don't even own a membership, so this is my go to until I can get better
  3. Nothing so far in terms of any feedback, so let's hope that means everyone is satisfied! (and not that no one is interested.) ATLANTA FALCONS: Overall: Nike did not do great at designing the Falcons uniforms. So I am here to fix them. Contrasting shoulders, and a more quieter look overall, compared to them going too bold this year. Also gave Atlanta a whopping 12 looks in total, which is by far the most I will give any team, but I've got a lot of different looks in mind for them. HELMETS: RED: Gave a pretty simple helmet with a black stripe down the middle. Silver facemask, as silver returns to Atlanta after being absent for 18 years. BLACK: All black helmet, used mostly with black jerseys and pants. HOME COMBOS: RED OVER WHITE: Black shoulders and collar. Simple black/red/black stripe down the side (although i can't really make any non-Brashier stripes) RED OVER BLACK: Black pants get a red/white/red stripe. Keeps the red helmet, unlike the other times black pants are used. RED OVER SILVER: Silver pants return, as a harkening to the Dirty Bird era. AWAY COMBOS: WHITE OVER WHITE: Black shoulders and black collar again. Red numbers. I have black socks on the road, compared to red at home. WHITE OVER SILVER: Same white jerseys with silver pants. Gave them red socks for this combo, I think it looks better. WHITE OVER RED: I think it looks great because of the red helmet here, like how the Packers use yellow pants, or the 49ers wear gold pants. No standard monochrome red option, you will see why in a little bit. WHITE OVER BLACK: This combo uses a black helmet, it fits better to make a more black heavy look. ALTERNATES: BLACK OVER WHITE: Red shoulders and collar. Basically red and black are swapped compared to the red jersey. Can be worn with either red or black helmets, they both look good in my book. BLACK OVER SILVER: The true dirty bird look. They wore black over silver in their first ever Super Bowl, and adding silver pants brings this 90's beauty back in a modern form. BLACK OVER BLACK: You knew this look had to happen. Looks a lot better then their current all black, thanks to a good use of red on the uniforms. THE ATL COLOR RUSH: Red from head to calf. Gave them black socks to eliminate the full body suit. Gray shoulders, inversed pants stripe. To be worn for big time games. With that being said, C&C is appreciated! Next up: Lamar Jackson and his flock!
  4. TEAM LIST Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Rams Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots New Orleans Saints New York Giants New York Jets Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans Washington Football Team I have been a uniform geek for a while now. I joined the boards on my 13th birthday, and I just celebrated my 16th last week. In the past 3 years, I've thought of some good uniform concepts for sports teams, and I've been willing to show them. But the problem is, I can't make graphic designs to save my life. So I've been at a stalemate where this will be hard to work unless I find another solution, and I found it. The Maximum Football Franchise, a Canadian-made football series that is the second best on current gen consoles, outside of Madden NFL (which isn't great to begin with.) Two extremely nice perks about this; one, it has pretty simple uniform customization, (simple, but it at least has it,) and two, it's the only current gen game to have college football (but we will get to that when we get there ) And so here I am, making uniforms for all 32 NFL teams for personal use and internet use. DISCLAIMERS: I will be using the game given logos on the helmets, yes, there is a logo editor, but it's super hard to use (you can't just upload images, you have to make them using shapes, and like I said, I'm not a graphic designer.) Each team will get a certain amount of uniform combinations: some will get just a home and away, and some will have a bunch. With that being said, let's start with the first team in our list: The Arizona Cardinals! HELMETS! PRIMARY WHITE HELMET Used with all uniforms except for the black alternate. All white, the only true blank helmet in my NFL PRIMARY BLACK HELMET: Used with the all black alternate exclusively. Gave them a gray facemask, I personally am starting to grow fond of gray facemasks. HOME COMBINATIONS! RED OVER WHITE: The Cardinals have become so dated that in my opinion, turning to the past is a better idea, especially see what Nike has done with one of their divisional rivals this year. RED OVER RED: Same home uniform with red pants. Stripe is hard to see, but its an inverse of the white pants. AWAY COMBINATIONS: WHITE OVER WHITE: Stays pretty classic overall, pretty much a inverse of the home. Gave them a yellow wordmark, because I think it's unique enough to stand out without ruining the vibe of the uniform. WHITE OVER RED: Standard white uniforms with red pants. Yes, I know the yoga pants effect is there, sue me, I'm not all that bothered by the pants and socks matching. ALTERNATES: BLACKOUT UNIFORM: Gave the Cardinals a BFBS uniform, to really only be used once or twice a year. No white to be found, except for the wordmark and the player names, so there's legibility. ARIZONA PRIDE ALTERNATE: An added alternate that uses yellow, as a nod to the state flag. Shoulders would've had like a sun ray gradient, but I did the best I could do With that being said, C&C is appreciated! Next team up is the Dirty Birds!
  5. No doubt in my mind you're making a Super Sonics concept, also these have looked really great, well done!!
  6. Honestly looks fun as hell, I signed up for it and I hope it works
  7. BTW, the actual logo you see on jars of jam aren't changing, this is a logo change for the parent company, the jars will keep the same logo.
  8. Cardinals wearing red pants again at home. I feel like this is a preview of when they change their uniforms, which could be as soon as next year, they will wear red pants often, which I'm not a fan of. The Gridiron Uniform Database has some extra combos listed in case they ever get worn, so they don't have to go through the hassle of making the uniforms moments before the game starts.
  9. I'd feel more inclined to listen to what Khan says if he wasn't such a bad owner...
  10. I feel like having known about the Rams uniforms since May has desensitized the bad parts of the uniforms. Yeah, it looks ugly, yeah, they'd look much better in more standard uniforms. but it doesn't feel jarringly bad anymore compared to the shock when they were first unveiled
  11. Saw the GUD has the Lions in all blue for today, something they haven't worn since 2018. We'll see if that's true or not, but i quite like the all blue as a once a season look
  12. They always wear the gray uniforms against Arizona I have no idea why but this is the 5th time time in 6 matchups (exception was a TNF Color Rush game)
  13. gonna enter late but oh well Chiefs (did this pick b4 the game) Bills Ravens Falcons Lions Panthers Eagles Patriots Packers Colts Chargers Saints 49ers Rams Steelers Titans
  14. I have mixed feelings about Texas A&M. Yes, they finally got rid of the gray and the bevels, but those shoulder stripes were uniquely A&M. Now they mostly just look like a maroon Texas. I think it's a lateral move IMO, would've chosen something like this if I was the AD.
  15. Surely this will bring the end of racism lol
  16. You don't have the control to actually ban me lol, btw DAE notice that the new Hawks uniforms kinda look likes they're from McDonalds????????
  17. I think it's pretty cool, definitely gimmicky but I don't follow hockey so I don't care all that much. Like the colors and the logo is cool, I hope the add an actual Kraken logo at some point because that would be awesome. Also this is my 500th post!
  18. Glad they finally are back to red and yellow! They look much better than they previously did (unlike a certain Atlanta football team). My hope is they do something with the old blue and green uniforms they wore with the city uniforms, and if they have a classic they use they the ones with the big white stripe across the chest (you should know what I'm talking about) Only nitpicks are I wish they kept the current font over the standard block font, and that they stayed under nike instead of hopping to Jordan (that should really only be for the Hornets and maybe the Bulls) I am really hoping the red uniform is the main color jersey, it fits so much better than the black one
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