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  1. Gotta feel bad for the Lions. They had this game won and the refs screwed them TWICE with such a BS face mask call. Lions legit had this game stolen from them. :censored: the refs basically rigging these damn games.
  2. Rams are just suffering through the voodoo curse Belichick puts on every team he beats in a Super Bowl.
  3. Not as long as that Kirk Cousins contract exists.
  4. So is this the season Garrett finally gets his long overdue clapping...I mean walking papers? Reid also needs to go. This is becoming Philly 2.0 with him now. Or are they going to wait until he loses 3 straight conference championships? Again
  5. Brady really hasn't looked great these past few games (stat-padding TDs aside). Really don't know if it's on him, or that offensive line being........not very good. Also, If Gordon is hurt, expect a whole lot of Pats fans screaming to bring AB back (if they aren't already).
  6. Can we just call the ALCS the World Series? I'm sorry, I just have 0 Faith in Nats or Cards beating either of those teams.
  7. Baltimore, could be a loss, since Belichick seems to have trouble with mobile QBs. Philly, depends on how healthy they are. Dallas, will be interesting, could be a rare home upset for NE. But I doubt it. Houston, (if they're legit for once LOL), on the road could also be another upset. KC, definitely could be a loss. Both their games have been ridiculously close.
  8. East 1. Philly 2. Bucks 3. Celtics 4. Heat 5. Pacers 6. Nets 7. Raptors 8. Magic West 1. Clippers 2. Rockets 3. Nuggets 4. Warriors 5. Jazz 6. Portland 7. Lakers 8. Kings Conference Finals: 76ers over Celtics in 6 Clippers over Nuggets 5 Finals: Clippers over 76ers in 7
  9. How appropriate that Joe Kelly ended the Dodgers season 2 years in a row.
  10. How the hell did that caption make it through? ....Really.
  11. Choking & Atlanta Sports. Like water & Ice.
  12. NY Giants vs. New England Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Washington vs. Miami Houston vs. Kansas City Seattle vs. Cleveland Cincinnati vs. Baltimore New Orleans vs. Jacksonville Philadelphia vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams Atlanta vs. Arizona Tennessee vs. Denver Dallas vs. NY Jets Pittsburgh vs. LA Chargers Detroit vs. Green Bay