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  1. They had a story no mater the outcome in the West. -Jumbo Joe facing his original team -A rematch of one of the most iconic Stanley Cup moments of all time. Of course the latter they can milk almost endless.
  2. Wow, That just made me realize how bad that Bobby Orr "Flying Goal" Photo would be if Bruins were wearing white.
  3. A rematch 50 years in the making! Congrats Blues & here's to a great series! My Dad was a huge Bruins fan when he was growing up, so this will be a great series to watch him. Also I never realized Boston & St Louis are the only cities to have played each other for the Championship of all 4 Sports.
  4. Wouldn't really call it a choke, more like throwing in the towel.
  5. Warriors going to their 5th Straight Finals, got damn. Even Kobe's Lakers weren't that absurdly dominate. Now watch them tie or Break Lebron & Celtics records just because. Hopefully The Bucks can finally end this empire.
  6. Quick, Someone get Vince McMahon on the Phone! Screw another XFL failure, We need an XBL!
  7. Don't think they have the Cap space. Unless he takes a super cheap deal cuz he really wants a ring. Chiefs or Seahawks are my guesses.
  8. Can't imagine Joe staying on another year, win or lose this does seem like his final year. What their contract situation anyway? Any big names expiring?
  9. It would honestly be the most Boston thing to have team like The Blues finally make it back to the Finals after 50 years......only to get swept by the very team that swept them 50 years ago.
  10. The Sharks look like they took a wrong turn into Japanese waters.
  11. The Sharks have officially entered Japanese Waters.
  12. It's just annoying because normally a team losing a guy like KD would be a huge loss, and possibly change the series. But warriors are so stacked losing one of the top players in the entire NBA is barely a determent for them. It's weird because I want to respect them like the 90's Bulls dynasty, Warriors did so many thing right (great drafting/development, great trade deals) but they also had KD take the easy way out & join them. Which basically :censored:ed the entire league.
  13. Don't forget this is a Warriors team without KD. :censored:ing Warriors.
  14. Carolina was just outclassed that entire series. It was the worst possible match up for them, and the best for The Bruins. I think nearly any other team (Islanders, Caps, Pens) would have been a tougher match up for them (no offense to Hurricanes). Now for America's worst nightmare, the Boston Triple Crown!
  15. Chara is actually out tonight for an "Undisclosed Reason".