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  1. First, I just stumbled on this and it is great! Thanks David for creating a Milwaukee centric topic. The Bucks have had a crazy existence as far as identity goes. I wouldn't exactly call it a mess, more so a sign of the times and eras. I haven't watched the docs yet, but will soon. And to you wisbadger, I think IIRC, it had something to do with the Packers becoming popular again in the 90's. The Brewers noticed there was more of their gear being worn at Brewers games, and wanted to capitalize on it by adding the green.
  2. I'll take the hit on the first game, if I may, and say these are my picks for the rest of the week. NY Jets vs. Buffalo Cleveland vs. Baltimore Seattle vs. Atlanta Chicago vs. Detroit Las Vegas vs. Carolina Philadelphia vs. Washington Miami vs. New England Green Bay vs. Minnesota Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville LA Chargers vs. Cincinnati Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Arizona vs. San Francisco Dallas vs. LA Rams Pittsburgh vs. NY Giants Tennessee vs. Denver
  3. That happened to me when I went to the Fiserv.Forum grand opening. My phone at the time was a decent yet cheap LG, the memory sucked on it so I had to instal and delete apps at regular intervals until the OS ended up taking up all the memory. So my buddy decided to get the entrance tickets as well so we could get in. The second time for a Bucks game I was able to access them through the e-mail the team sent me. I upgraded my phone to an iPhone for my 3rd and last time there pre COVID for a Tool concert, had both the Bucks app and ticketmaster app, the tickets came through the ticketmaster one, when I thought they came through the Bucks one. Thankfully I did a little research and figured it out beforehand. I also took a screenshot in case something screwy would happen. My friend bought the tickets and dispersed the through texts. Made it easy breezy.
  4. Minus the jerseys I didn't really see anything from Nike. And it is 7 1/4, I should have said drop down to it lol.
  5. Saw everything in the wild this past Sunday at Brewers On Deck. I must say that these unis are sharp! I had to buy up a ton of new gear. Authentic jerseys, the only ones I buy, were expensive, like $350 a pop, so didn't walk out with one. But bought the alternate hat which looks pretty dang good. I think New Era changed up there sizing a bit as I typically fit perfectly in a 7 3/8's but it was really snug, so had to go up to 7 1/4, and it is comfortable but a little lose. It kinda sits on the top of my ears, but I love it. I love the roundel logo, it really pops on merchandise. The new BiG looks way better in person when you can see it weighted properly. The ball being centered is a huge upgrade IMO, It flows so much better. The jerseys, are much better when you look at them up close. You get a better understanding of how the w works into the placard. I absolutely love the number font and how it is incorporated. Literally 0,3,6,8, and 9 remind me of old beer barrels. I'm still not sold too much on the navy alternate jersey, as it feels a bit plain in the midst of the whole set. The wordmark is still a little weird to me. I love that it hearkens back to the bast, incorporates a bit of the Milwaukee tools logo, and reminds me of our industrial age. I'll have to see what they look like in game action to properly judge. But overall they did a really great job combining the 70's and 80's and perhaps the early 90's into one solid set! This is an exciting year to be a Brewers fan, and uniform fan! They have confirmed that there will be decades weekends complete with era uniforms, fan giveaways, and more.
  6. I agree wholeheartedly Gotham! At this point, I'm 38, and that means they've been in the National League longer in my lifetime, than in the AL. 18 years in the AL as opposed to 20 in the NL. People around here that were and are old enough to remember the Braves time here were ecstatic to hear the news, as the old rivalries could be restored. I love the division we play in, as it's always competitive. I know Pirates and Reds fans won't exactly agree as of late as it's pretty much been a combo of Brews, Cubs, and Cardinals.
  7. Dude this got me so excited! I go to Brewers On Deck every year now, and am hoping that is when they decide to unveil the new unis. And yes I will be among the first to buy the new stuff once available, which I hope will be that day as well.
  8. That game last night went exactly how I hope it would have. After the rousing comeback in game one, the Bucks needed to carry the momentum. They did just that and reaffirmed why they had the best record in the league coming into the playoffs and still do. It's very surreal to be a Bucks fan right now.
  9. It's probably gonna be a fun Finals between the Bucks and Warriors. And even more fun when the Bucks win it all.
  10. In other news, I believe the Milwaukee Bucks are in the Eastern Conference Finals. Not the Boston Celtics.This has been a long time coming. Boston fans take your talk to the off season thread.
  11. Lol, I'll give you that but what's crazy hearing you say that, is I was also a Magic fan when I was in grade school. I loved Shaq before he signed with the Lakers. I had his poster on my wall and a jersey tee.
  12. Your Magic handed my Bucks a very rare loss this season yesterday. Congrats on that. But I gotta admit, it is pretty cool having my hometown team as the BEST team in the NBA right now, never thought I would be able to say that.
  13. I was just thinking for the caps with the materials they use now. The actual logo is sacred and shall not be changed in any way.
  14. After the naming rights for Miller Park change hands, anything is possible. I'd kinda like to see a collaborative effort of sorts, to create a new brand around the BiG. Modernize the BiG a bit, think Vikings. Then develop some fonts that kinda reflect it, and the eras associated with it. Nice clean scrips for the jerseys, and a unique block font for the names and numbers. Bring back the pinstripes for the home uni's, go to a deep greyish/blue for the roads. Make the yellow paneled hat the alternate. Yes keep navy, but lighten a touch, and keep the gold atheletic gold they have been using. Their postseason merch was spot on with everything, and it pained me that the look wasn't portrayed on the field. Add piping to the roads and it would be amazing.
  15. I was just thinking about this, but the NFL missed a golden opportunity for Super Bowl 55, AKA Super Bowl LV. How awesome would it have been for Las Vegas to host it?
  16. Giannis already reached out to him about coming to Milwaukee. How awesome would that front court be? Thon Maker has said he want's out want s a more important role on another team. I don't know if NO would be that team, but at least there is a first piece to add to a trade package.
  17. Giannis is the top vote in the EC, will select reserves. Awesome feeling as a Bucks fan.
  18. It's not hard persay, but my first job was as an in seat vendor at County Stadium. We always had to carry a bank on us, and we had to bankroll it out of our own pocket. Esentially we were considered what I know now as independent contractors. There were times i would have like over a hundred dollars in my apron or pocket, and times where like at a bar like you see on Bar Rescue, everyone's paying with 20's and your bank is being depleted not able to make change or causing you to have to go to the teller window to get more singles, 5's, etc.... It was especially excrutiating on the dollar dog and soda nights. Plus you're moving so fast, that there is the chance you could drop the cash. Which happened to me lol. Having this back then in 1998 would have been awesome. As a fan, this saves a lot of time as well, everybody's pretty much got a check card now. Employers are switching to paperless direct deposit.
  19. @dfwabel Thank you for the info. I thought I was going crazy for a minute lol. But it is very nice to hear it again, especially on an intrastate rivalry like UW/MU. It made it feel like the big game. So cool.
  20. File this under, maybe living under a rock, or just too busy to watch, but I tuned into the Wisconsin/Marquette game on Big FOX, and lo and behold they are not using the NFL on FOX music, or their CBK music, yet it was this..... Wait whaaaaaaa? When did this happen? Just today?
  21. The Brewers/White Sox used to be a huge rivalry. My dad would tell me how the crowds would get so rowdy at County Stadium and Comisky Park. He made it sound as if there was such a blood hatred between the fans of both franchises that he wouldn't have felt comfortable even taking me to a game between them. Part of it could stem from the Wisconsin/Illinois and Milwaukee/Chicago blood feud between the Packers and Bears. But now a days it is almost far removed from the collective consciousness of both fan bases, as the Brewers main rival is the Cubs, and tied for that is the Cardinals. And even White Sox fans root for the Brewers, because they don't particularly care for Cubs fans.
  22. I figured out a better theme song for the 2019 Raiders National Football League Club...
  23. And the first team to move on........ The Milwaukee Brewers!!!!