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NHL Vancouver Canucks logo redesign


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Hello All,

Here is a concept for the Vancouver Canucks. I expect a polarized response to this, it may be a bit out there for some.

I like their current logo as it reflects the local cultural history well. But I'm not too keen on the Orca breaking out of the C so I did a totem version.

Any comments appreciated.


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Looks like the it's from the Ninja Turtles 3 in '93

Sorry my friend!

Look up Haida art you need to fix the style.

Yeah, it definitely reminds me of a Ninja Turtle.

A little too abstract for me. I like the 'V' and 'C' worked in there, but that's the only salvageable part. I'd go back to the drawing board on this one, sorry.

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I like the concept better than the Orca. However, IMHO, the Canucks don't need Native art to reflect Vancouver's cultural history. What the club needs is the Johnny Canuck/Stick 'n Rink brand.

Any Vancouver connection in the Canucks' identity are the Pacific Northwest colours of blue and green and the possible addition of a 'V' on the arm stripes, ie. the '70-'72 jersey design. I would prefer Native art on a future Seattle NHL franchise - Seattle Totems?? ;)

Overall, nice work Quackcom.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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