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New U of Arizona helmets


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Riddell has a poor rendition of the new Arizona Wildcats replica mini helmet on their website:

Arizona Wildcats Replica Mini

They also have the new Bowling Green (slight change), Duke, South Carolina, and Southern Methodist (slight change) replica mini helmets. They previously had the new Mississippi State helmet but it seems to have been taken down.

I think that pretty much covers most of the major D-I changes for 2004.

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Arizona's new helmets look alright :sleepy:

Mississippi State changed their helmets? Idk, they look the same as they did before...

USC's helmets are like AZ's helmets: Alright :sleepy:

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Interesting, there seems to be a slight trend toward darker colored helmets this year. I like the new duke helmet a lot, I was wondering when they were gonna change to match the basketball unis.

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Are you from South Carolina ez? Yeah I hate that helmet too- it's so typical of an helmet. I think our helmet is just fine, it is ridiculous to change our unis and helmets every few years...Notre Dame, Fla State, Ala, Ohio State, and Michigan never change theirs...sign of a dynasty.

If the do ANYTHING I would agree with the rumored helmet going around that is basicall the garnet ones we had with the cirlce except the helmet is black not garnet.

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South Carolina has made an announcement regarding their new uniforms and helmets:

Holtz: Gamecocks will be back in black this season

Lou Holtz made it official Saturday: The Gamecocks will have a new look on game days.

USC will wear black jerseys and black helmets featuring the block ?C? insignia, Holtz told a crowd of about 600 at his sixth annual ladies clinic. USC sports information director Kerry Tharp said the Gamecocks would wear black jerseys and white pants at home and white jerseys with black pants on the road.

USC last wore black jerseys in the 2000 season opener when it beat New Mexico State 31-0 to snap a 21-game losing streak. The helmet design ? with white trim around the ?C? and no striping ? was chosen over a couple of other models, including one featuring an interlocking USC.

?It?s going to look good,? equipment manager Chris Matlock said. ?The Gamecock nation will be very happy.?

Matlock said the school has two sets of jerseys ? traditional mesh and a dry-mesh fabric that he believes will prevent players from overheating in the black jerseys on sunny days. Last year Holtz agreed to allow players? names on the back of the jerseys. At this point, Matlock said names would not be included.

The new uniforms (with old helmet):


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