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Atlanta Hawks Concept


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With all the talk about the Hawks getting new uniforms next season I decided to dish out a concept I think would look pretty good.

Originally I tried going back to the red-gold-black color scheme but the new Pac-man logo simplicity led me keep it simple and unique with just red and white.
The Hawks have worn only red and white before (links below) and that color combo is actually pretty unique for the NBA.
The top is obviously inspired by the famous Dominique era uniforms, and the font is fairly simply but bold.
I think the Hawks hit a home run with the logo and I wanted to really implement it into the design, so with some inspiration of the thick piping of their lime and blue '70s set I came up with the design you see below.
Other small notes:
- NBA logo moved back to front, just don't like how the league moved it to the back.
- The primary mark is a quick mock up by me just because I imagine they'll have to add something to it for it to be considered primary.
- The trim is intentionally the same on home and road, I find that white trim doesn't look good.
- I will eventually do an alternate and pride uniform, perhaps yellow or peach and dark red.

I've talked enough, here's the concept. Hopefully you enjoy and as always C&C welcome!
Original only white and red set: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130039662@N04/16747181572




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Thanks for the kind words and awesome advice everyone.
Adding yellow to the jersey top definitely improved the look, but it was a challenged balancing it out with the shorts. I outlined only 1 side of the piping, which I think will look a lot better in person than on the screen.
The yellow and having piping on only one side definitely are a move in the right direction, thoughts on this new set?


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That's the ticket, though now I wanna see a bit more "character" in the wordmarks as opposed to just using a typeface.

ps: you need to flip the side-view of the shorts. the hawk needs to be facing the other way if it's only on the right side of the player now.

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Here's a revised version using the current font.
I'm personally a fan of the simple font so I've decided to stick with it for the Pride unifom.
The alternate uniform is simply a yellow version of the home and road. Originally I had the wordmark as "ATL" but I think more letters works better so went with Hawks.

The pride uniform plays on the fact that Georgia is known as the peach state. Slightly different yellow/peach color and instead of red went with a dark red/purple and white as an accent. The template is similar to the original set.
Thanks for all the input! I'm really happy how the little changes have improved the concept.



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