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JCR NCAA Domination Series 2016


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Last year, I put together a series using my own brand in which I designed uniforms like the Nike Pro Combat and Adidas Under the Lights, where the teams use special one-off uniforms for a rivalry game. Since that project is old, it's now locked, so I'll resurrect it here. If you'd like to check out last year's designs, they are here.

Up first we have one of the greatest rivalries ever: Ohio State and Michigan. For Ohio State, I based it on their 1942 uniforms that they wore to win their first National Championship. I used one of their underused logos, that I've only seen worn by the band.


For Michigan, I again went with a maize uniform based on their Under the Lights uniforms.


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Up next is another great rivalry: USC and Notre Dame. Both teams will be wearing classic styled uniforms to reflect their long histories.

Notre Dame has some simple, but classic uniforms.


USC's uniforms are based on their uniforms from the 1920s.


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Love the throwback for Ohio State. Even though Ohio U tries. to claim that logo, I think using it here works as it was used by both schools in the past. For Michigan I'd use blue or white pants. The all yellow reminds me of Grambling.

For Notre Dame I'd use the Kansas style numbers from the Danny Manning era. USC looks pretty good as well.

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Up next we have some modern looks with Fresno State and Hawaii...

Fresno State is all decked out in silver and metallic blue...


Hawaii features a traditional look with the rainbows, but also with some new touches including a tribal pattern on the shoulders and socks, and rainbow chrome in the lower part of the helmet to further the Rainbow Warrior branding.


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Next up is the greatest rivalry in sports, the Iron Bowl.

For Auburn, I went with their 1913 uniforms as a starting point, and built on that.


For Alabama, I used some of their early National Championship uniforms, and really played up their long championship history.


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Great job on the iron bowl Roll Tide

Thanks and a big Roll Tide to you as well!

Before we proceed, I'd just like to clarify that I already identified teams for this year, so don't be upset if your request doesn't get done. With that in mind, up next we have Arizona vs. Arizona State. For these designs, I wanted to blend different eras of each team into one classic look.

For Arizona, I used their cool striping as a basis and rolled with it. I also brought back a cool logo of theirs.


For Arizona State, I combined their 1980s/90s look with their new branding, and added metallic gold for good measure.


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