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St. Louis Blues concept

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As much as I like red on a sports jersey--it never made any sense to me for the Blues to have red, especially when the red was more prominenet ont he white unis than the blue, and the red was threatening the blue on tthe dark unis--so I'm glad you kept it subtle--but they're better off without the red...

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EDIT on the design: added letters & numbers

stamp i agree that i hated to see TOO much red in old versions of Blues jerseys, especcially when the went with those slanted stripes ('95-'98) - those went too far.

i tried to keep that itty bit of red they used to wear in the early 90s and not have it overwhelm the main colours, blue & gold.

i also wanted to give them a jersey concept that was different from any sweater theyve worn in the league. i threw on the solid piping down the sleeve but i'm still debating on colours for the sleeve #'s. im happy with the blue one - i think the white 'tips' contrast well to the other colours on the design.

oh, and im still debating adding those secondary 'horn' logos on both shoulders of the blue road jersey - anyone agree or not?


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Red WAS Bad, but it was mostly the Slant in the number that made it laughable.

The CURRENT vesrion of the Blues is their best ever IMO... Hint of Black, unusual Shoulder trims, and metallic colours...

The only reason the red doesn't seem out of place here is because you darken the Blue...

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