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2024 Summer Olympics Concepts - Now Up: New Orleans


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Hello all!


I've been pretty excited for the upcoming Olympics this Summer. I've always been a huge fan of the games, and also have always loved the branding behind each of the games (unpopular opinion, I actually really liked the London 2012 branding.....NO DON'T LEAVE THE THREAD COME BACK!)


Coupled with that excitement, I've felt the need lately to really kickstart my portfolio and get a bunch of ideas cranked out, produced, and finished. That all married together and inspired me to take on this personal project. It can be described pretty simply, a few days ago I thought about a lot of North American cities and wondered, "many of these will probably never host an Olympics in the near future...but what if they did?" So with curiosity running crazy, I sketched out a bunch of ideas for quite a few cities (and resketched...and went back to the drawing board...y'all know the drill), and dreamed up what each city would be represented by if they were to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.


Now I know Los Angeles is currently the city being supported by the USOC and that none of these other options are realistic now (or would have been to begin with anyways), so I kindly ask if y'all would please focus on the designs and concepts themselves, rather than the legitimacy of the cities' chances. I'm well aware that Omaha or Nashville among many others aren't all that likely, but will happily take C&C for their designs anyways! :P Also, I won't be taking requests for potential cities at the moment, so I kindly ask you please refrain from requesting as well.


For now, the concepts I've developed or are in the process of developing are all North American cities, but I'm planning on expanding to cities all over the world in due time. But also keep an eye out for three or four famous fictional cities as well down the road....*cough*I'm a huge Parks and Rec fan*cough*Pawnee*cough* ;)


So enough about all that, how about some designs? We'll start off with two for now.


First off, Jacksonville.



Jacksonville was honestly one of the hardest ones to develop. I went through a few different directions - the Andrew Jackson statue, the Main St. Bridge, and some forms of abstract palm trees/hidden athlete imagery (think Nagano 1998) - before finally latching onto the Nautical theme. I just loved the simplicity that the spelled-out "JAX" had to offer, and felt it clicked best overall. I'm happy with how it turned out, especially considering how tough it was to develop, and am eager to hear your thoughts.


And second, Winnipeg!



The bison/flame idea came right off the bat during brainstorming, and couldn't help but run with it. I chose Blue Bombers-esque colors because for some reason, I feel like they're great "prarie colors" and provided a great contrast to the colors of the Olympic logo. One thing I would like some help with is some potential suggestions for adding a little more color, if y'all feel it's needed; I explored the idea of adding some light blue and orange to the navy and gold, but nothing I came up with looked all that great. If y'all know of a way that can work, I'd love to hear it, among all other suggestions as well of course!


Thanks for viewing, and stay tuned for more as the days come! 







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The Jacksonville one is solid, nothing too spectacular. Had you not explained the nautical flag motif, however, I wouldn't have EVER picked up on that.


The Winnipeg logo is gorgeous. I was easily able to identify the buffalo/bison (I honestly don't know if there's a difference, I just thought buffalo, and you said bison), and identify the Olympic flame. The only other "prairie" colors I could think of are a brown/green/red, but those colors work. My only criticism is with the font, only because the numbers don't seem to come from the same font to me.

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That Winnipeg version is amazing! Being from Manitoba (near Winnipeg) I think you summed up Manitoba pretty well. The Bison is used for basically every provincial sports logo. I would maybe brighten up the flame a bit though. The colour seems a little dark to me. Maybe try the retro Bombers colours. 

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Because these are both for the same year, I wanted to clarify whether these are for host cities or candidate cities? The difference being that a candidate city is not allowed to use the torch or the rings until it is named host; Chicago found that out several years ago.


Anyway, as for the designs, both are pretty good. I would agree with the colors for Winnipeg; maybe lighten them up a bit.


The Jacksonville design is a good idea, but I think it could use something more, because the flags are too subtle. If I were not a part of this site and seen a bunch of Clippers concepts, I probably wouldn't have recognized they were meant as flags/letters (I've always lived in land-locked states). Frankly, before I saw it said Jacksonville, I was thinking it was for Greece due to the blue lines and the cross. Perhaps hoist them upon the mast you reference in the description and have them appear to be blowing in the wind...?


I do like that you didn't blatantly spell it out, though (in contrast to my "too subtle" comment above).

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Thank you all so much for your comments and help! I greatly appreciate it! I'll get to work on some color tweaks for Winnipeg, and have a couple ideas for font changes as well (though the "2024" is indeed in the same font as the "Winnipeg", I can totally see where it could look like a different font and appreciate that being pointed out). I have an idea for a minor Jacksonville tweak that could help with the flags also and will try to get that ready to present as an option.


And thanks for your question, jdp! I should've been more clear on that, that's my mistake! So these are as if any one of these cities won the bid and were actually hosting the games. I just chose the 2024 games for all of them as they were the next in line to be bid for, and hypothetically imagined the project as if each individual city were an "alternate outcome", so to speak. So these are meant to the real deal and not candidates. 


Y'all ready for two more? Let's do it!


Introducing the Twin Cities 2024 Olympics...




This one may very well be my personal favorite, tied with another yet to be presented another day. I wanted to go really modern and artsy with this one, even though at the start I almost went with more realistic and detailed trees. I liked the feel the modern trees gave and also liked that if you look closely, you can see a couple of hidden "M"s formed by the trees (which wouldn't have been possible with my previous idea).


And second for today, San Diego.




With some family having lived in San Diego and thus visiting often, I instantly think of ocean blues and sand every time the area and memories of visiting there come to mind. So for me, the colors were an easy choice. The sprinter as the top of the wave was a lot harder to execute, because I had to try and find a balance between looking like a natural wave and making the sprinter visible enough to be seen. Does it work enough? I'd love to hear your thoughts on that, as I feel good about it but still want to know if others feel it works.


Alright, let 'er rip! And please feel free to keep commenting on Jacksonville and Winnipeg as well. I'm all ears!

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18 hours ago, Silence of the Rams said:

Seeing as Miami, San Francisco, Tahoe/Reno, New York, and Boston had or currently have a bid maybe you could do something with those. The ones you have, if I were an IOC member these would be used immediately


Without spoiling too much, I can tell you one of those cities is definitely on the docket and most of the others are ones I'm still considering ideas for. It's just a matter of getting something to click for them before they may find their way here! :) And thank you for the compliment! I appreciate it very much!


Any other comments from anyone? I won't be posting more today, but expect two more tomorrow for sure. I'm just choosing which two at the moment and making sure I like how they look before I present them. Thanks, all!

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Okay, slight change of plans; only one concept for today. The other three I had "finished" are not quite where I want them yet, and I figured it'd be better to post something I felt right about than force out another I felt iffy on. I'm at the same point with the Jacksonville and Winnipeg updates too. So, here's the one for today!


New Orleans:




It's a pretty self explanatory one, I didn't want to be terribly cliche with using a fleur-de-lis but the idea just "looked right". I went modern with this one as well (this is 2024, after all), meant to look like a modernized iron design and I also liked how the circular designs on the fleur-de-lis looked with the Olympic rings. And I decided to carry over a similar design to the wordmark to give it a little "flair".





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San Diego: The sprinter needs some work. I could tell you were trying to use that portion of the wave as a figure, but it wasn't evident until I read your comments below the image. One of two things could help: 1) give the sprinter another shoulder, right now the back of the head goes right into the arm; or 2) provide (an)other figure(s) for context. Whenever a figure like that is employed in an Olympic logo, it is either much more evident (Barcelona, Sydney, Beijing) or, if more abstract, there are other figures (like you mentioned, Nagano).


New Orleans: Great concept. I would make the lines more seamless, though. You can see the circles of the FDL and the connecting lines are separate elements. I also don't understand the bookends of the wordmark. Those fit the design, but maybe use the circles from the FDL there instead of a new (albeit similar) element. Does that make sense?

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