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custom Colorado rooster Pilots jersey


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In total, including shipping and tax, it cost me a little over $90.

SyPhi, you might want to contact them. Their art guy told me that they can recreate any NFL or college style, but I would bet that they could recreate that for you. My numbers where custom cut, and even though my design was based off of the Houston Texans, they seemed to have custom made a patern for it, as it completely matches the drawing I sent them.

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Yeah that is definitely a solid jersey.

The shoulder patch logos, are they embroidered on or screen print?

It looks embroidered, but just wanted to ask.


When you ordered, did you just place the order from the site, or you actually spoke with someone... it looks like they dont have that many colors to choose from.

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The process was highly involved. You order it from their site, and then their art guy sends you an email. You send him sketches, he tells you if he can't do any of them, etc. Very hands on and a good attention to detail on their part.

The sleeve logos were embroidered, the numbers were tackle twill.

It seems like a small operation that's really into getting it done the way you want. I really can't say enough about the service, the product, and the value.

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Seahawk you should give them a call. I think Avenger said that they were trying to find a color of fabric they didn't have. They were gonna run it down for him. I'm pretty sure that he said that.

so they may be able to get ahold of some Seahawk Blues and the green for you.

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