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Future Champions League Project - 5/32 - Dynamo Kyiv

Berlin Wall

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Hey guys, after I just finished my Premier League Project I already mentioned that I have another one in the pipeline. It will be very similar to my former projects, but this time I'm going international. I will design 32 teams of a future UEFA Champions League competition. I will just place it in the year 2023, so it's a year before my PL was timed. And sorry, but there will only be three PL teams included, so let's just say City screwed the playoffs. :P


The teams I chose are mainly even title contenders in their contries today, so there won't be as many surprises than in my PL. BUT I chose a tad more teams from smaller footballing countries to make the competition more colourful and interesting. I only chose around 4 clubs that most likely will not reach the CL spots in their leagues this 2016 season.

Here is the number of teams I chose respectively for any country:


Spain, Germany: 4

England, Italy: 3

France, Portugal, Belgium: 2

Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Scotland, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Romania: 1

??, ??: 1


I won't reveal the two questionmarked countries yet. So let's start filling the map. The first team from Italy will be posted tomorrow.



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Really looking forward to seeing this series! The only thing that doesn't make sense to me is that Belgium has 2 teams, but Russia only has one, as both Zenit and CSKA are powerhouses. But this is your series, so you do whatever.


Really hope Tottenham makes it?

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I gave Belgium two teams, because right now they are developing into something the Eredivisie was like 10 years ago. I think they will have two teams in the competition in the near future. Russia is just a victim of all the other countries and teams I want to include. I actually really want to do another Russian team, but I also don't want to cut any other one. Nonetheless, here's the first club (btw. I will only update the map in my first post and will not post it every time under the team anymore):






AS Roma

Roma is one of those teams that could potentially becoming a Champions League title contender. In my future they make a step forward like Atlético Madrid did over the last few years. They will also win at least one Italian league title until 2023.

As you can already see I updated their logo to a mix between their current and their older logo. I think the monogram works well on it. To the uniforms. Yes, the home shorts are vintage white, so is the away jersey. Yes, I brought back black home socks. And yes, there`s some modern pattern I put on all three shirts. I hope you like it.







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Russian football is odd, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see a decline in the coming years. 


For the concept: Bringing back the interlocking ASR logo is the best thing anyone can do with a Roma concept in my book, so props on that. The second best thing anyone can do is bringing back black socks, which you’ve also done. I’m a big fan of those two things.


Vintage white is chill on the road kit, but I think I’d prefer white shorts on the home one. No real reason, but IMO it unnecessarily adds a fourth “color” to the palette. The traditional Roma colors work so well together that I don’t think you need the vintage tint.


But overall, yeah, I’m a fan of this start.

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Great start to the series, I do agree with @crashcarson15 in that the shorts on the home kit should be pure white. The away kit just works so well, as you have effectively mashed a classic design with modern elements in order to make a very appealing kit. Usually, I'm against the usage of all black with any sports design, although with the Roma third, the supporting colors change it from being BFBS to being a very well designed kit with no real distracting features.

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1 hour ago, Aggie12 said:

I think the cream colored shorts works since there isn't any white in the rest of the home kit. I think along with the black socks it gives the kit a very vintage look.


also @mamiller99 is BFBS the acronym for "black for black's sake" just wondering?

Yep bfbs  means that  but here I think  a black  kit works well with the set

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Thanks for all the love. Like I said, the next one is from France. Team 3 will be from Germany.




Olympique de Marseille

In my future, Marseille will be the fiercest rival of PSG to win the French ligue title. So they'll recover from last years bad season. Not much to say about the uniforms. I added the cross of Marseille on the front of the home kit. For the third kit I used orange as the main colour, kinda became their standard colour when it comes to alternates.







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I would say for Marseille is to ditch the red accents that are on the sleeve cuffs and collars on all three of the kits. and then for the away kit I suggest taking out the light blue and replacing it with a darker blue similar to the one on their just darker,

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