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Best NFL city


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Which is the best NFL city? Dallas, of course. The 'Boys are America's Team (not the Pats), they have had a sellout crowd every week for the better part of the last 17 years, the have been to more SB's than any other team [8], and they have the most recognizable logo in the NFL. Not to mention there are always high hopes no matter how bad they will be. People were excited about the Cowboys in 1961 after they went 0-11-1.

So, what's your opinion?


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They don't even play in Dallas.

Is Irving, TX a great NFL city? I guess.

The best NFL city, is but a town....of 90,000 or so team owners. No question.

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I agree, Green Bay is the best... Unlike most cities where there's more than football to do, most people have nothing better to do from late July-January than to follow the Packers... I mean, look at the waiting list for season tickets. That's enough said.



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I can say without bias its Green Bay. Football crazy fans, dedication beyond belief, and as has been mentioned its the packers or nothing there.

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In spite of my personal feelings about the place, nowhere but Green Bay even needs to be considered. It's a town of 102,000 that fills a 72,000 seat stadium every Sunday. AND they've sold out every home game since the Kennedy administration (although my neck of the words deserves a little credit for that... we were selling out possibly the WORST "football" stadium in NFL history).


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This Eagles fan says Green Bay is the best NFL City.

I think Buffalo should get some recognition though.


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only the drunk fans, not all of us drink and fight. all teams have fans like that, don't they? :ghostface:

True. But as a Giants fan, i hate you.

I hope you understand. :P

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Baltimore. Steamed Crabs and Cold Beer, enough said.


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Well, becuase of what was said Green Bay. City of only 100,000 people and most of them go to the game on sundays.

I would put New York above Dallas. There are 2 teams in the area and both of them have waiting list over 10 years. The Giants waiting list is close to 25 years.

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This Denver Broncos fan says Green Bay.

I'd say Denver would have to be considered as well. The waiting list here is roughly 18 years. Some of the most loyal fans ever. However it's dwindled over the years.

The 70's generation of Broncos fans were the best fans ever second ONLY to Green Bay in the history of the NFL, IMO.

EDIT - Also, Denver has sold out EVERY single game starting in the early 70's to now.

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Im about 30 mins South of Titletown, and I can honestly say without a doubt or bias that Green Bay is in fact the best NFL city. As far as fans go I still think that GB fans are number one although there would be competiton from Oakland, Pittsburgh, and Philly, but when you talk a city as a whole without a doubt it is Green Bay.

Like some of you said other cities and fans are crazy for thier beloved teams, but at the end of the day Oakland has their Athletics, Pittsburgh has thier Penguins, and Philly has thier Sixers. When it comes to Green Bay we got our Packers along side our Gamblers (minor league hockey), Blizzard (Arena Football), and of course my hometown team, The Wisconsin TimberRattlers (minor league affiliate to the Mariners) producer of the legendary (debatable) Alex Rodriguez!

So anyways yeah Green Bay is above and beyond the rest when it comes to being the best NFL city! :D

(Wow, look how off topic I got Packers -> A-Rod) ^_^

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