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New York Jets concept (final version added)


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I've been working on a Jets' logo concept off and on for 17 years now.  My last tinkering with it was about 6 years ago and then I put it on the shelf, only recently deciding to take another look at it.


While the jet fighter designs are more fun to work with, finding a way to use the true planes that the team is named after - commercial or passenger jets - is a bit trickier to work with and get the desired look.


Anyway, not quite through yet, but this is where I am now.  Not sure I'll do unis.




Well, the concept is done and I did do unis.  I wound up dropping the medium green and the secondary logo did not make it to the unis.

On the jerseys, I added Captain-rank bars, and also the logo to the chest much like a flight insignia would be found on aviation uniforms.  The gold/bronze is the same used in the NY Titans' throwbacks.

Green remains the traditional primary color for the new Jets' look, with gold accents mixed throughout.


The primary logo is a nod to commercial flight wing-insignias, with the current oval rotated 90 degree and points added to resemble a football, and the "Y" in "NY" is a nod to football goal-posts.


Traditionalists may hate it, but I feel like have finally found a concept that is not only true to the type of "jet" that inspired the name but gives it a modern look that is traditional and mostly conservative.




C&C welcome

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I'm just not sold on either log as they are... Love the concept, but the top down view of the passenger liner is missing something. Maybe a side view climbing out, and the vertical stabilizer should use the Jets old logo, ala AA or Delta, etc... The Shield Logo is interesting as well, but the wings are far too Wing Stop, and not a Jet. Swept would be interesting, or even a front look with engines under wings.


As for the Gold... I agree it is a nice addition, but more like Seattle uses its Green, rather than a s a primary.

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As for the plane logo, I'm still using it as a reserved secondary logo but it will not be on the unis, which I have finished.  As I srarted working through the uniform, it took an unexpected turn I liked better and I don't want the look cluttered.


I had to look up Wing Stop...never noticed them before.  Really ironic that their logo is green!   Anyway, the intent of the winged logo is for it to look like a stylized commercial airline flight pin.  Those designs normally have the wingspan way too wide for it to work well as a logo, let alone on a helmet, so I went with a narrower wingspan.  The probelm with getting too loose with the wings is it begins to look more military than civilian, and I'm trying to stay as close to the original idea that inspired the team name.   I should have the final version up by the end of the week...completely re-did the wordmark, too.

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