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DiscrimiBattle XXI voting


who's taking this one?  

38 members have voted

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Here we go...Most of us decided to go with the road most traveled, and went with the Steelers. Below are those who went in different directions.

Against All Odds: Aberdeen Ironbirds (Orioles single A affiliate)

Geoff Der Idiot: Birmingham Steeldogs (af2)

Evan: Columbus Crew (MLS)

chapi: Pittsburgh Men of Steel (fantasy basketball)

Deadline is Monday night, 7 pm CT, at which time the vote at the time will be final and I will declare a winner.

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well, this hadn't ever happened before til now...so we have the first co-champs of the DiscrimiBattle!

taking it with 5 votes each(at the time i was typing,anyway), the winners...

Evan and Against All Odds!!!!!

guess i was the only one feelin mine :D anyways, I'm burnin a little oil workin on the upcoming DiscrimiPaper, so both of you will be mentioned in it along with your winning concepts B)

it ain't a free baseball hat, but still ^_^

i don't know when the 22nd DB will be, but it won't be this week...I'll be visiting relatives this weekend and don't know if i'll be here.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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