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saintsfans atlantic crossover 1


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saintsfan- welscome to a whole new type challenge! (Don't worry the TBTC challenges will continue from time to time!!) For this atlantic crossopvers I will pair a English Premier League team (or amybe from time to time another european soccer team) with an appropriate US major sports franchise. (This will make more sense when I have finsihed!) You than have to make a crossover kit for the soccer team into the US sport, incorporating elements of both the soccer team and the american team.

Some rules- Logos from both teams should feature on all uniforms.

- a minimum of a home and road should be produced, alternates are optional.

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Okay to the first challenge- Snivelling assisytant I believe you have the American sports team for us

Assistant- yes I do, and it is the NFLs very own New Orleans Saints

Saintsfan- Hmm I wonder which soccer team would be a suitable pairing for Nyawleens, well temp guy hasthe answer

Temp guy- hey guys, well its everyones favorite English soccer club Southampton or the Saints!

Saintsfan- excellent-so just to remind you your task is to marry together the New Orleans Saints and there English couisins, Southampton into an American Football uniform. So whatcha waiting for?

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Alright, I promised an entry, and I'm a man of my word.


I used New Orleans' template, yet I added Southampton's traditional red and white stripes and black pants for the home jersey and yellow shirt, blue pants for the road. Tinkered with the logos, adding Southampton's colours. On one side we have NO's logo, the other, SFC's logo. Same goes with each side of the pants (you just can't see it ^_^ ). Two sets of helmets finish off the piece.

C&C Welcome/Appreciated!

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OK, my entry goes the opposite route. I recolored the Southampton logo to the Saints' gold and black, and I replaced the soccer ball with the Saints' helmet. In addition, I used the halo from the Southampton logo on the fleur-de-lis, and I tried to incorporate the home stripes on all the uniforms.


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