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Machine Gun Kelly wants your help

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Machine Gun Kelly wants your help designing a new logo for him.  Allegedly he will pay a sack of money emoji amount of cash for it.


Current logo is: Image


His tweet with all the info is below, I added a Spoiler cause he uses some NSFW language


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"I want a lot of designers to spend their time and work on logos for me, but only want to pay for one".


I despise "contests" for logos. Hire someone with a solid portfolio that you enjoy to do your logo. Coincidentally, a "rapper" I went to high school had his "big break" opening for MGK for a show one time. He did the exact same thing looking for a logo a while back. I successfully convinced him that he'd get a better result by paying me a flat fee than outsourcing for a contest. Finalized the logo with him, had to hound him for months for the money he owed me.

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I'd be interested to see how the public would view a contest if he said "fans write me a song and I'll sing it and I can make a ton of money off it." 


Nothing is more frustrating than how undervalued our profession is. Seems like anyone nowadays can drop some filter on a photo, call it an "edit" and claim to be a designer. 

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