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Kind of, in total, but I don't think the Rangers' regular uniforms incorporate the powder blue, just some alternates.




I thought maybe these shades of blue were just far off enough from what everyone else has for the Blue Jays to stand out, as they should, being the lone Canadian team. I made the letters match, too.

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18 hours ago, the admiral said:

but the grey and black didn't belong there at any level


Sure they did. The color scheme was inspired by what blue jays actually look like in real life, so it had a bright shade of blue, black from their plumage, and graphite to represent the beak. It's a nice concept, but they screwed up by inexplicably emphasizing black and graphite over blue.

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17 hours ago, Digby said:

I’m more concerned with how that era of Blue Jays used several different typefaces, all of them awful.


I think the script font from that era is quite nice, actually. Remove the bevels and it looks like an old-school script in the same vein as the Giants' and Mets' scripts. The number font from their second road jerseys of that era was also relatively inoffensive, though a bit generic.

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