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Syracuse Football Concept


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SYracuse IS NOT plain.

They continue to stick with their traditionary uniforms through all thee years.

The unis need not be changed. But thanks for thinking about us :D

You concept is rejected.

BTW, black is not Syracuse.

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I think those are a little too unconventional, especially considering the plainness and old-fashionedness of the helmets.

They have a turn-ahead-the-clock kind of vibe to them that is okay in it's own right, but doesn't really gel with the helmet or the clean, traditional gist of the new look.

It does have a very Nike thing going on, though (take that for what you will ;))

ROC...been meaning to ask, you go to SU?

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BTW, black is not Syracuse.

There's no black in them...?

Anyway they're not bad except I'm really not feelin the helmet, but I have to agree that 'Cuse has a great traditional look to them, kinda like the Browns of college football. I think if they were to change their unis at all it should be to look like the basketball unis; that I wouldn't hate. Oh, and-


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Ooch! my eyes!

Im talkin about the helmet.

So you know, SU will never refer to themsleves as "'Cuse". Never have, never will

Besides, United Waffles, does anyone know the first nickname Syrause used before "Orangmen" and the current one of "Orange"?

Saltine Warriors

You should make a hertige concept and use that nickname.

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