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Castrol new logo


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1 hour ago, CDCLT said:

I did like the fading checker-style red stripe but I actually think this is a big upgrade. The new font is especially nice. At the worst, it's a sidegrade for me.


I'll also call it a sidegrade, but I go the other way on the reasons.


I like the solidification of the stripe, as anything that resembles a gradient really irritates me.


But I think the new font is worse than the old one. They've lost the harmony between the curved stripe and curve at the bottom of the L.


The letterforms of the new font are quite nice aesthetically; but that font erodes the identity of this brand, as it is strongly evocative of Exxon Mobil.

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The new logo is fine, what is it suppose to look like now, a road?


The font is very generic, just in italics, and I really don't care for them changing it to one with the simple one story lowercase a, when they used a two story lowercase a for 65+years.

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4 hours ago, tigers said:

Why does the new wording look as if it starts off leaning to the right but by the time it gets to the l it’s towards the left?


Because the T, R, and L all feature vertical lines that slant to the right,  but are less slanted than the L-road thing in the logo. In the old logo, the italicized lettering is parallel to the stem of the L-road. That's why it worked, and why the new one doesn't, to me at least.

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This actually allows me to talk about one of my favorite "logo morphs." I always saw these commercials as a kid, where at the end, they showed the Castrol logo transform from a photo-realistic wrench handle, into the flat logo.


Taking away the wrench handle around the logo makes this a downgrade for me. And hell, I don't even know the last time they used that morph in a commercial... It was probably long gone anyway.


@0:27 to see the logo I'm talking about. Don't know how to cut vids on here.

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