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FIFA 2006 Mascot


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"That's what you get when you cross Wilson the Ball with the Bear in the Big Blue House."

Well, if you look closely at the end of the story in the links section, it was created by the Jim Henson people!


"I better go take a long walk off a short pier or something."

Some people on this bolard have told me to do just that.

My "Ron Mexico" alias is "Jon Tobago".

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Haven't laugh that hard in years... and I don't evene know if it's your comments or the photos...

Tha ball really freaks me out.

I'm sending FIFA the Psy bills if I start having nightmares...

Owner of the Rochester Americans of the MLH

Owner of the Toronto Frenchies of the GCFHL6

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I would have put "The most fun with one ball since Lance Armstrong" BURN!

Mods you may edit this if you please.


Very, very funny.. Kick ass, josh.. i dig it.

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




Going to college gets you closer to the real world, kind of like climbing a tree gets you closer to the moon.

"...a nice illustration of what you get when skill, talent, and precedent are deducted from 'creativity.' " - James Howard Kunstler

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