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Lions concept


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i like it.

i downloaded a template here recently and a did a similar concept to the one you made here but i used an updated version of an old lions logo which has the current lions logo tilted to where it looks like it is lunging forward with a blue and grey pilons in the back. its the logo that looks like the ford mustang logo but with the lions logo and the colors blue and grey. I would post my work but im not interested in being flammed or sent a pm bomb.


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Need full-length blue socks.

ive been wondering this for a while, but why are the nfl equipment socks only half color? and half white? it makes them look kinda, well, stupid. its probably because the dye in the colored socks is bad for the feet, so they only include it on the top. even so, couldnt they make them colored from like, the ankle up, instead of the mid-calf up? can anybody clear up this mystery?

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Before the advent of the single sock, players wore baseball stirrup socks without the sanataries, and they put a thicker white sock over that.

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