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Super Bowl Jerseys


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How do they decide who wears what jerseys? I hope its the Pats in white vs. Eagles in green (I love the Bird's whites, but I don't like the green pants or the Pats blues.)

Being an Eagles fan I wanted to see if dark vs. white mattered, like black and red with blackjack or it was random. So I did a little research about what color jerseys the winning team wore during the Super Bowls they played in just to see if there are any kind of trends. Pretty interesting actually. Here's what I came up with:

Super Bowl # Winner Jersey Color

I Packers Darks

II Packers Whites

III Jets Whites

IV Chiefs Darks

V Colts Whites

VI Cowboys Whites

VII Dolphins Whites

VIII Dolphins Darks

IX Steelers Whites

X Steelers Darks

XI Raiders Whites

XII Cowboys Whites

XIII Steelers Darks

XIV Steelers Darks

XV Raiders Whites

XVI 49ers Whites

XVII Redskins Whites

XVIII Raiders Darks

XIX 49ers Darks

XX Bears Whites

XXI Giants Darks

XXII Redskins Whites

XXIII 49ers Darks

XXIV 49ers Whites

XXV Giants Darks

XXVI Redskins Whites

XXVII Cowboys Whites

XXVIII Cowboys Whites

XXIX 49ers Darks* (see below)

XXX Cowboys Whites

XXXI Packers Darks

XXXII Broncos Darks

XXXIII Broncos Whites

XXXIV Rams Whites

XXXV Ravens Whites

XXXVI Patriots Darks

XXXVII Buccaneers Darks

XXXVIII Patriots Darks

*Note: Red Throwbacks(here ya go jrodsep, you made me acknowledge them, but I still think they are ugly as a bowling shoe)

Teams wearing white jerseys have won 20 of the 38 Super Bowls or 52.6 %, but teams wearing dark jerseys have won the last 3. Hmmm....

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Puckguy, thanks for the answer.

Flame, I thought about that too. If i was the Bills I would have totally screwed with the Cowboys and made them wear the blues when I had the chance. Couldn't have hurt, lol.

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we've been pretty lucky the last couple of years. The team with the bad white uniform has worn the darks. giants, titans, patriots. The only bad one in recent years was the panthers last year.

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I will be suprised if the Eagles dont wear their greens

itd be kinda cool if they wore the black jerseys

I've tried so hard to get into the black jerseys and i just can't do it. They just don't feel right to me as an Eagles fan. I think the way to save the black jerseys would be green numbers with silver outline/shadows.

About the green jerseys: before games Eagles radio PBP guy Merrill Reese always describes the jerseys each team is wearing that day and on Sunday he called the Eagles green jersey/white pant set their "getting down to serious business" uniforms ^_^ . Merrill rules.

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ok bucfan, i don't know how to do the reposting of a message but to respond...a lot of us try to forget that Super Bowl...how embarassing it was :blush:

lol. yeah i forgot that game too. not because im a pats fan, but because i hate the packers

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That game wasn't embarrassing. It was a close game at halftime. It took Desmond Howard's kickoff return TD to blow the game open, but it wasn't a massacre like Super Bowl XX.

i dunno..they just didn't look that good in XXXI. now XX thankfully i can't remember. talk about a mismatch

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Super Bowl XXXI was not that good the Packers won but it was Desmond Howard skick return, Favre didnt havea great game,a dn teh Pats were side tracked with Parcless in negotiations with the Jets, add teh 4th Quarter was 0-0 and its was an overall game that was not a classic.

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