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2005 MLB changes


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I'm pretty sure there was a huge thread about it started right after the World Series. If you do a search, you should be able to find it.

Offhand, there aren't any major changes, with the exception of the Washington Nationals.

The Devil Rays modified their script for one.

Also, check www.sportslogos.net, I think Chris updated the MLB pages with uniform changes.

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basically it's just tweaking and additions apart from the Nats.

Cubs-no names on homes

Dodgers-no names period

Reds-tweak of alt red jersey

Rockies-two alternate vests: oen pinstriped w/CR, other black. undershirts are purple and also black

Pirates-pinstriped home alt

D-Rays-aforementioned modified script, modified green hat logo, new green alt

Mets-BP hat and jersey change

Braves-new red alt

Orioles-new alt hat

..um, that's pretty much it.

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A new one to add: The Texas Rangers changed the script on their BP jerseys from the BP hat logo to the 1986-93 script wordmark w/ underline. Also, the underarm gussets and piping are now red instead of blue...

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