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Braves Throwback


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Surfing, I found a photo of Ryan Klesko wearing what looks to be a Braves throwback uni. However, I can't find the season(s) that the Braves actually wore this. Anyone got an idea?


I remember some time back they did wear the ABC throwbacks.

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Clues tell you this:

Klesko hasnt been with the Braves in a while.. that is obviously Tuner field, by the drop behind him, and the white color of the uni. You can see behind him, the side of Fulton County stadium. AFC was imploded August 2, 1997. So, this was the 1997 season, before August.

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Anyone remember the Braves red-pinstripe uniforms of the late 70s?

You bet. I remember Ted Turner's having player nicknames put on the backs of the jerseys, like so:


He tried to convince MLB that Andy Messersmith's nickname was "Channel" so that Messersmith's jersey could read "CHANNEL 17," same as WTBS' spot on the dial at that time (pre-Superstation).

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