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Tampa Bay fantasy team poll


Which one do you believe is best for a fantasy football team based in the Tampa Bay area?  

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please vote for which one you like best. These are the best ones submitted according to me and I want you all to choose. Remember the top 2 vote getters will be used as names for my current WArFL franchise and my hopeful RFL (or other NFL based) fantasy team. Thanks!!!!!

PS: I will null my vote as of now for the poll, but if needed for a tiebreaker, I will add my vote

PSS: Voting will be closed Sunday 5/1 at 10 pm EST

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its gotta be the Marauders. gotta keep the pirate theme in Tampa


On 11/19/2012 at 7:23 PM, oldschoolvikings said:
She’s still half convinced β€œChris Creamer” is a porn site.)
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I voted for Riptide, but to be honest none really jumped out at me.

I know it's too late for suggestions since the voting has started, but here's my two cents....

I think a great name for any team based in Tampa would be the Tampa Bay Rowdies. I know this conjures up memories of Soccer and the old NASL, but a nice concept based off this name would work for football too.

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I still like Tampa Bay Tornadoes...ABA be damned :mad:

That being said "Barracudas" is growing on me...but I think it may be too long...so either make it Tampa Barracudas or Tampa Bay 'Cudas....

What about the Port Tampa Terror? They could play their home games at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory(any CWF fans in the house?) :P

Contract this...."


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