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Pace University New Athletic Logo


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Pace "Setters" ? My gosh that is a terrible athletics name. My eyes are still rolling.

Regardless- not too bad. I think the head alone could make a good secondary logo.

Good rendering by board member Greg Malek of Unlike Designs. Congrats.... Speech! Speech!

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Oh jeez... pace setters... was "picante sauce" taken as a nickname already... the mouth seems kinda off but maybe its just me... sweet work Greg... though further use of the name Greg will result in a letter from my lawyers... :D

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Thanks for the comments.

As for the logo. It was basically words before no actually image. They wanted soemthing that had action to it was agressive.

There are other marks also. Just the dog head as a secondary, a paw print which they had back in the 70's redone, a kids or pups logo, and a few bone setups to form a U and a crossbones with Pace written across which I dont think they are using.

Here are some below:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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