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NY Giants Concept


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Not bad at all actually.

However needs some fixing up. The GIants mark isnt my favourite, and I think looks very odd in here. Also the red stripe on the pants seems too wide. The numbers also seem monstrous. And if I were you, Id scrap the red alt all together.

Nice work, but needs some cleaning up, and this could be real nice.

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All in all, solid but not spectacular.

Some specific criticisms (ahem, ahem... trying to be constructive):

1. The uniforms are very traditional, down to the gray pants. The "GIANTS" wordmark on the helmets looks out of place, when the "ny" logo comes from the era of the gray pants. It'd go better here.

2. I like adding some blue back into the white jerseys. Big Blue shouldn't have uniforms without blue in them at least somewhere.

3. NO RED ALTS! See #2 for why.

4. The socks must be white through at least the bottom half. Ballet leggings won't be allowed.

5. The outlining on the blue jersey's numbers is thicker than the others, and makes already-large numbers look that much larger.

6. With the numbers up on the shoulders, and just the one stripe on the hem of the sleeves, the sleeves look very spare. I know that the sleeves are fading into obscurity leaguewide, but still, there should be something there.

These could work. The Giants are not a team that needs flash and loud colors to work. Traditional styles suit them very well.

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You should use royal blue instead of navy, and I think you have to have the "NY" on the helmet. As for the sleeves being too plain, you could also add the "NY" there, too. You could make it blue on the white jersey. The socks, the socks, BOTTOMS MUST BE WHITE! Keep the red numbers. ^_^

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Better. The white jersey combo is identical to what they had, so I wouldn't call that a concept per se . The dark jersey looks like an improvement with a contrasting trim color and some life to the numbers. I'm still not sold on the red jerseys, for a team popularly known as "Big Blue". But I am also of the school of thought that says not every team needs an alternate.

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