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Yet another Mets uniform proposal


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I know a lot of people in these forums have already proposed uniforms without any of the hideous black. Well I'm including mine. This is my first attempt at a uniform concept. (It's not especially radical)

I made the set pretty loyal to the Mets original unis. I've added an alternate cap with a orange brim, although I'm not sure how it should look. The blue comes across pretty dark, but the orange and blue are supposed to be the same as the Mets have now.

I've also added a second patch on the right shoulder of the uniforms. I used MS Paint to make these and I couldn't add it the uniforms, but I put it in on the side. Its the NL logo, modified with the Mets colors. Considering the Mets were an expansion team to appease those Dodger and Giant fans loyal to the NL, the Mets should display its logo.



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Agreeing with LMU here.

The only difference I see between home alt #1 and #2 is in the cap. But that still leaves you with 3 alternate jerseys.

Alternates are meant to be a 3rd choice between the customary home whites and road grays. They're not intended to give teams a closet full of options to wear a different set every day. Keep them as a change of pace if you have to keep them at all. Remember, uniforms serve first and foremost as a means of identification. How is someone going to remember the Mets if their look is changing every day?

The execution is very nice. Getting rid of the black is always a plus - I give the Mets a pass if they included black as an homage to the old NY Giants. But at most it should be a trim color, and they let it get way out of hand. Royal blue and black don't go together. Can you hear me, Kansas City?

"Start spreading the news... They're leavin' today... Won't get to be a part of it... In old New York..."


In order for the Mets' run of 12 losses in 17 games to mean something, the Phillies still had to win 13 of 17.

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I'm not too crazy about the orange brims but other than that, very nice.

And I may be alone on this ship, but if you're going to have the alternate without pinstripes, I'd like to see a comeback of those white caps. ^_^

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thanks for the comments and criticisms.

I agree, the Mets have way too many alts. But I'm not a big fan of the soft-ball tops with pinstripe pants. Cubs have a cool alt, but I don't like it with the pinstripes. Then it would be weird to have white pants with no white jersey. So I feel the Mets should have the white jersey too. Plus the white jerseys look good and the Mets make a killing with the plethora of jerseys to sell. Even with this proposed set, I would prefer the Mets to wear the pinstripes at home more than half the time. They are the best in the leagues (without the black shadow) I feel, other than Cards home.

And sorry, there is no way the Mets or any team, including the Reds with those cool pinstriped hats, should revisit the white caps... unless its a one-time throwback.

So I guess people aren't feeling the orange brim cap. I was hoping it may look better on a real hat then on paper, prob not. But I feel the orange and blue is a theme the Mets should really promote. .. The city colors and to attract some Knicks fans.

p.s. no comments on the NL second shoulder patch?

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Another addition to the "We Hate Black for No Other Reason Than It's Black" fanclub.

Don't get me wrong, it's a well-done concept, I just need to blow off some steam against the knee-jerkers who hate black uniforms and trim in all forms. The Mets are one of those teams who overuses and mis-uses black, but should that be reason enough for removal instead of tweaking? I think not...


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I agree with you Moser, black is not inherently bad--well, maybe for Southern teams playing outdoors; my desire for change in the Mets is not "knee-jerk". Any color can work if done right (although I have my doubts with teal). The Marlins look good in black despite their southern location and I can't imagine the White Sox in any other color, altough I would like to see white socks on the White Sox.

But then there are the baseball teams that went to it, despite their traditional colors, because it was a late 90's fad. None of those have worked.

Bad: Reds, Royals, Blue Jays and Athletics

OK: Devil Rays (although it was their original color, but I really like the green now), Cardinals (refering to their black hat) *whoops, its blue*

Good: Giants, White Sox, Marlins, Orioles, Pirates and Rockies

I consider all the looks of the traditional black teams to be good (except the Devil Rays and Diamondbacks, but these teams can hardly be called traditional).

As a Mets fan and a New Yorker, I feel the Mets should move away from the black because they have a very good traditional look and because they should show off the orange and blue, the colors of the city. However, I do also hate the black uniforms, especially the soft-ball jerseys. The only ones that look OK are the roads and white home jerseys with the black and blue billed cap. The black outline shadow looks OK on the roads and white home jerseys, but it looks real bad on the pinstripes. Because I like consistency in team uniforms and LOVE the Mets pinstripes, I got rid of the black shadow all together in my concept.

Well, that was kind of long winded...

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Cardinals (refering to their black hat)

don't you mean their navy hat?

yeah, I guess it is blue. Did they change that recently? b/c I bought the bird on bat hat when it came out a while back and it is black. I guess I like it more now that it is blue.

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Looking at McCall's recent Braves Concept (one I really liked btw), I saw a newer, larger cap template. I used his to remake the Mets hats in the above concept. I think they come out better with the new template. The orange-brimmed hat would be a home alternate to the current blue hat. Additional comments and criticisms appreciated.


Option 1?

Option 2?



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