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I think the reason is they use logos of their sister (or brother, whatever is proper) clubs from Austraila. the Milwaukee bombers use the Primary as well as a kids logo of the Essendon bombers.

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In the meantime, the club I play for, the Minnesota Freeze, still has no logo. No one can just frickin' make a decision. Hell, they can't even decide on colours--last week, when a few of us were talking about getting jumpers for Nationals, someone mentioned getting gopher colours, maroon and gold. That's right, a warm colour palette for a team called the Freeze. *smacks forehead* :wacko:

A bunch of logos have been tossed around, and have been put on a webpage. I took a lot of time and iterations to come up with my versions (4, 5, and 12), using the input of many designers around these parts whose work I admire. And yet I can't seem to convince the guys in charge how important a clean, concise image is. There are many on this page I'd be downright embarassed to wear as a club badge.

(Oh, and did I mention the website, as well as some of those example, still has the Freeze wordmark that was "borrowed," without permission, from the Maine Freeze women's pro football team? GAH.)

Ugh... just had to rant.

I've always liked the Dallas and New York City takes on the Magpies logos; they're well-done and unique, rather than just recycling the logo from the AFL club they're affiliated with.

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10 and 16 have the makings of an interesting logo package, and yours are great as well Mockba.

Wouldn't pay 5 cents for the rest of them.

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Well, apparently our leadership has decided on the final three designs, which are to be put to a vote. Included in them are... none of the above.

I can't upload to my server from work, so I can't show them to you right now (they were sent to me as an e-mail attachment). But I needed to rant. I'll upload them after I get home.

hey're all variations on the same theme: a large "yeti" foot (think Colorado Avalanche shoulder logo, but thankfully not a ripoff) with a somewhat generic "Minnnesota Freeze" diagonally across it, and a footy (either as the toe of the foot, or streaking across the bottom of "Freeze," with icicles after it). One of the variations doesn't have the foot, but the other two have it as the background.

All of the versions have no less than six colours in them, not counting the blue (somewhere between royal and navy) background, which is there to simulate the colour of the jumpers.

The jumpers are also, uh, unique, having some white stripes outlined in a lighter blue down them that are supposed to look like icicles.

I can't believe I'm going to pay $100 for the jumper, shorts, and socks. There's been so little thought put into the fact that we need an identity, not just a logo that's an odd collection of items with no centralized theme. I'm not going to bother voting for any of the logos, I'm so disappointed with them.

What makes it worse is that every step of the way, I've tried to give advice, given that I have experience with team branding. I'm not a professional, but I think I've come up with some good stuff that teams and/or leagues have used. Each time I tried to offer up advice, it wasn't met with opposition--it was just met with silence, not considered whatsoever, obviously not used in any piece of the development.

Basically, this got turned over as a pet project (because he wanted it) to a guy from here who's living in Japan right now, and wanted to come up with the logos.

I'm just so disappointed, and I really want to rescind my order (I haven't paid any money yet), but if I want to play in the USFooty Nationals, I should have a jumper. And, I guess in the end, the team having uniforms is more important than what's on them. But our club had the resources to do so much better and leave a lasting good impression on people, and we totally have dropped the ball.


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As promised, I'm home, and I can share my pain with you.

Here are the three "finalists":




The jumpers:


And, for extra measure... a goofy yeti "mascot."

Oh, and I hadn't noticed the black shorts on the yeti. I wonder if that means we're going to have black shorts. Y'know, black, one of the main colours of the Milwaukee Bombers, our closest geographic rivals.


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So, I never told y'all... #3 (the one with a footy as the big toe) is the logo that was selected. I suppose it's not horrible, considering what it could have been, but I'm so completely disappointed.

However, I'm a bit humbled. USFooty.com just listed the team "seedings" for the tournament, and for us, they listed the first logo I ever made for the Freeze, when we tried to get things up and going in 1999:


Oh, yeah, that's full of suckitude. Completely. I'm totally ashamed of that. At least the yeti foot isn't that bad.

I just like to think I've come a long way, and had a better idea than the yeti foot:


But I'm a conceited bastard, I suppose.

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Well, the jumpers are reality, and like them or not, they're our colours. They were given out to the team on Sunday night. I got my usual number 9.

Here's a picture of me wearing the jumper, shorts, and socks.

Be warned: For a guy my size (read: a big fatass), it's a tad less than flattering, so the picture may burn your retinas. And, y'know, footy shorts are short, especially on a guy who's 6'5".

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Fos Williams, father of current Port coach famously asked his players "are you prepared to die for this jumper?"

Had he been asking me, in regard to that jumper, I'd have laughed at him.

Then politely said "No, actually I'm not".

PS You're a big bloke Kev, I'd be happier with you on my team than against me.

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