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St. Louis Cardinals Concept


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Okay, this is more of a test to see if I was able to take a concept from my home computer and upload it to my brother's, which has the internet. The design itself was just an idea floating around in my head that I decided to go ahead and put into illustration. The "Cardinals" wordmark is from BRANDSOFTHEWORLD.COM, so CREDIT to them for that and for the birds on the bat in the "Saint Louis" mark (I just pieced them together in Illustrator). BTW, all images in this are Vector. I only use vector in all my designs in Illustrator. I'm not saying I want the Cards to switch to this. I wouldn't mind it, but this is just a design from a HUGE fan that just wanted to see a certain twist on their favorite teams look. I originally left the actual home/road hats but thought the different color brims just added to the classic effect of the design. I don't know. Anyways....


Oh, and the three-color piping goes (cuz it's kinda hard to see) Home: red,navy,red and Road: navy,red,navy.

C&C, thoughts, rants, ramblings, or if you just hate me and want to let me know, then just go ahead, I don't really care. Write whatever you want. <_<:mellow:

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I like what you're going for here. However, putting sleeves on the Cards' uni's will bring a whoooole lot of criticism.

Hey, I know. I'm probably one of the bigger Cards fans around this board (note: didn't say THE biggest :D ). I was just putting ideas into visuals. I usually do about 20 different variations on a jersey when I do concepts, whether it be keeping or losing numbers, slight color alterations, etc. I just thought I'd use this one to mainly test whether or not I could get it uploaded.

But thanks anyway. Liked your 'Stros design, too. Hate the team though. :P

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I like it, only minor critique is the home hat. I'm a fan of the all red hat they have now, otherwise looks great.

Yeah, me too, absolutely. Like I said in my original post, I just changed them to add to the classic feel. I did this concept with the regular hats and will post them, although not today as I have to get them from my computer and my apt. is about 20 minutes from here. And GaS PrICeS WENt UP AND I HAVE NO MONEY AND NOW I CAN'T AFFORD ANYTHING AND I HAVE TO MOVE BACK IN WITH MY PAR......sorry, I kinda lost it there for a second. :mellow:

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very nice.

i dont know about the 'Saint Louis' word mark though... especially because i think almost everyone knows them as 'St. Louis' (although i could be wrong i've never been there) but i think with the 'Cardinals' word mark on the roads it would be perfect.

sleves work if done the right way.

and bump means your just typing something new so the thread goes back to the top of the boards where people can see it. yyou can do it if the thread gets lost off the front page of something and you still want people to see it.

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I'll post my "Full-On" Cardinals concept next time I'm out here.

On the "Saint Louis" wordmark, I did it originally with "St. Louis". But as you can see on everybody else's who's done that, it looks a little weird, St. Louis is kinda big and...well...it just looks a little different. I just made this so as too stretch out the word and make it fit a little better. I can do it with St. Louis though.

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Well, I'll give my likes and dislikes....


--The nod to tradition by bringing back the navy bat, like the Redbirds had in the days of Stan The Man.

--Spelling out the city name. Yah, it's kinda outside the box, but I think it could really really work with the Cards and not take away from the tradition...besides, most fans usually have more beefs about changes to the home jersey than the road jersey (case in point: Tigers in 1960 ditched the Old English "D" for a script "Tigers" and a jersey that was a dead ringer for the Dodgers...they also intro'd a road that had "DETROIT" in block letters, getting rid of the cursive form...naturally, the Tigers fans went ape over the changes to the HOME jersey, getting the classic D reinstated in 1961...the road jersey stayed the same until 1972).

--The cream colored home jersey...dunno, but off white kinda works for a classic look (like the Giants have)...


--Not too keen on the sleeveless look...it's a nice idea, but I just don't see the Cards going with that.


--The home hat. Solid Red would work a lot better, or a Navy crown and Red bill would have been fine (like Stan the Man wore)

Overall, I think there's a lot more good things than bad...only thing keeping it from being a pure 100% slam dunk are the lack of sleeves and the home hat.

Great job, nonetheless...:D


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man...I was gonna do that with the "Saint Louis!" Great minds thing alike. I've got it sitting on my computer at home as I type. I personally like it. The "St. Louis" is too short and that's why it looks funny. spell it out and its longer than "Cardinals" but looks much better.

Anyway, as with most Cardinals concepts that take a nod from the past, I like it. Not in favor of a change, but I like it.

As far as I know, back in the day the Cardinals actually used Red and Black. I have a (albeit replica) 1944 jersey and its all red and black, no navy.

But anyway...nice work!

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Okay, update. With the vests, I put the regular home and away hats.


And here is the concept WITH sleeves, which if the Cards were to actually use these, would be my preference. I wouldn't mind the vests as a home Sunday alt.


Just for the record, I don't necessarily want them to change uni's. I love what they have now.

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