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Seattle Mariners concept


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My only gripe is that the shoulder patch doesn't fit in with the rest of the concept. But this is a good concept.

This is the latest in what is becoming a disturbing trend.

You used a wordmark from one uniform. You used a cap logo from a 2nd uniform set. You then added a sleeve patch containing a logo from a 3rd uniform.

The M's never used any of these with any of the others. Why? Because a uniform and identity package should give a sense of a consistent look. At this point, you may as well stuff a teal and silver nautical compass on the other sleeve to represent EVERY uniform Seattle's worn since 1977.

Cramming as many uniform and design elements from various eras and juxtaposing them does not make for a good concept.

I'm sorry, and I don't want to be too harsh, but this is the 6th or 7th concept that has come along in the last month where someone combined various logos from a team's past without much consideration for the fact that those logos were not intended to be worn with each other. Honestly, it looks like no one paid attention while making this. And no one made any attempt to make these discordant designs look more like each other (reshaping one of the tridents, making sure the outlining was consistent, etc.).

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In all honesty I don't think it looks that bad. But I do agree with VitaminD. Mixing and Matching historical logos is just asking for trouble. Is this concept for actual use? Or just for looksies? There is/was a thread on these boards referencing an article about the inverted trident logo. It's bad luck. Anyway, I'll give you props on the effort. But for next time try to keep your concepts with one identity.

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