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Florida State University


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Since they have to ditch the name Seminoles, FSU is going to need a new name and logo. Decided to keep the same colors.

As far as the team name goes, I don't know if Cyclones or Typhoons sounds better, nor which is going to be liked by Floridians and people at the school. I also don't know if i should go with a gold outline, white & gold outlines, or no outlines. If you guys could help me out with that and anyother input you have i'd appreciate.

*EDIT* Apparently, FSU is keeping the name Seminoles. Definite bummer...so i changed it to Miami U a few posts down....


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Well that last set is great. Another downside in the Typhoon-Cyclone idea is those are just other ways of saying "Hurricane", depending on what part of the world the storm is occuring in. I'm going by memory here but...

A Cyclone is a hurricane in the Indian Ocean (and, apparently, over Ames Iowa :))

A Typhoon is a hurricane in the Pacific Ocean, particulary in the Far East.

So I know someone as detail-oriented as yourself wouldn't want to committ a Weather Channel faux-pas like this.

Like I said though, awesome logo!

Yeah do that.  Do exactly THAT

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as much as i detest F$U, this is the only time i have ever pulled for them.....

The NCAA is more disfunctional than the City of Atlanta's government......

by the way....

Are any of our board posters proctologists by chance? The NCAA needs help finding its head.....

Death to NCAA P.C.!! :cursing:

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I love the Miami modification for this. Moreso because you actually used a different font. ;)

Seriously, it's hella fine. The first version of it (single grey outline) is the best of them.

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A further expansion on that idea could be that make the Lightning into a "U" and the palm tree and waves into an "M" That may require too much tweaking that would ruin the concept. Just a suggestion. The current state is awesome.

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Absolutely beautiful. The perspective you used shows great depth, the line quality is tight and aggressive, and the use of two highlight colors adds drama and realism to this logo. I do not like it for a helmet or anything, because it's pretty stand alone, without much lateral motion to it, but it's a great secondary, for center court, locker room walls, t-shirts, etc.

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Hey, Agains All Odds, the jury is still out on whether or not the NCAA will allow the University of North Dakota to use the Fighting Sioux nickname. Since the North Dakota tribes are against the nickname, my bet is the NCAA will force UND to change. You might want to come up with a new North Dakota-ish name and logo (my favorite has bee to switch it to the Fighting Norse).

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