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Ideas wanted!

Mac the Knife

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I have a problem; perhaps you guys can offer some suggestions that will help me.

I develop (or have developed) logos for my flag football league's teams prior to each season.  This season I'm in a quandry, in that I have 3 teams which seem to defy a worthwhile design concept because of the team names.  The names are:


The best I've been able to do here is create a (pathetic looking) wordmark.


This seemed the easiest at first, but their team captain put me in a bind by saying he didn't want a logo that depicted "animals, natural disasters, or people."  Since then, the best I've been able to do is a sort-of cross between the Oakland Raider shield and the old Ottawa Rough Riders briefly-used "Double R" logo.


Why someone would name a team "The Program" I don't know.  I tried to talk him out of it.  Honest.  Best I can think of here is another wordmark, but I want to avoid those if I can.

Does anyone here have any ideas as to what could be developed for these guys?

Please note:  I'm not running a contest here, looking for free design work to be done (unless you're feeling generous or the urge to take pity on me), or trying to solicit a designer here - this isn't for a for-profit enterprise and the designs aren't for true public consumption --  I'm just stuck and need some suggestions.


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Mac, I feel your pain.  Here's what I suggest:

Assault: get a like a Sabre or a Claymore

Running Raiders?  (Wow sounds like what Al Davis would call his AF2 team) Maybe a pirate flag with RR in there

The Program?  Shoot, anything will work here.  Most likely a fierce animal or to make them try to change their name a plain ole TP with a circle around it.

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Assault: I think not so much of blades and swords as crushing and thumping. An iron fist/gauntlet, maybe?

R. Raiders: gee, the captain's not fussy is he? Inanimate objects it is then. The swords might work better here, esp. with Puckguy's flag idea.

The Program: Please slap the person responsible for this name. A pink elephant is the only thing this team deserves...but I digress. I'm thinking mystery. I'm thinking secret service. I'm thinking black with nothing else too bright. What about a police badge-style design to incorporate a wordmark into?

(That, or a little program icon from Windows)

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Yeah you have to go the computer type route with the Program I think. Maybe some kind of video game style monster or something?

If you can't use animals or people for the Running Raiders, I think the only way I would go is some kinda take off of the Oakland logo (and pray that Al doesn't see it!) Maybe just the shield with some kind of RR logo in it like you suggested!

The Assault, hmmm maybe some kind of military theme??


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ASSAULT - how about a rhino - either dressed in military fatigues or as a mob hitman. It's probably been done before, somewhere, but it conveys the name well.

R.R. - wow, you're pretty limited. I'd say go with the sword idea, it's seems like a popular one. Or how about a steaming locomotive? The Running Raider sounds like a good nickname for a train, so why not?

THE PROGRAM - rather than focusing on the limitations of the name, take it as anopportunity to go really off-the-wall. Try something like an angry giraffe or a flamingo chomping on a cigar. Although, I like that binary sheild idea too. Whatever you do, just go nuts with it.

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running raiders: i was about to recommend the Racine Raiders' (semipro football) eyepatched cowboy, but this team wants an inanimate object. folks have suggested a double R or a sword. i recommend that they deserve nothing.  They don't want none of this dude

assault: prison bars...and have em wear orange jumpsuits :D

the program: i am laughing at this name as i type and read. the logo recommended by the evil genius...a game program :o


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Don't you love challenging names. In the Fantasy Football League that I run with my brothers, I designed a logo for teams called the Rabid Mullets, Foaming Squirrels and Retribution.

ASSAULT: I'm thinking a tank, cannon, howitzer or a bomber dropping its payload.

RUNNING RAIDERS: Double R on some sort of flag sounds safest regarding this guy's parameters.

THE PROGRAM: I also like the spy/espionage angle. You could also think in terms of an old school college football program. I'm envisioning a stoic silouette of Bear Bryant or Tom Landry with a fist full of papers/plays in hand.

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i like Primal's suggestion of espionage for "the program". Thats the first thing that came to my mind too.

My suggestion is a repeating headshot of a fedora wearing "agent". something monochrome. Think Quentin Tarantino's band of brothers logo for inspiration.

assault makes me think of something military related. Im thinking shield logo with lightning bolts and other strange symbols. check out a military patch website on the net for inspiration.

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I'm gonna go the opposite of what everyone's thinking and suggest a stylized Agent Smith from "the Matrix" for The Program.

For the Running Raiders, might I suggest a bandit on a horse going at high speed?

As for the Assault...I'm stumped.

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As a newcomer to posting in this group and as someone with no artistic ability at all I offer the following suggestions

Assault: I agree with Rozilla74 a cannon would be a good emblem. Perhaps an outline of a castle or fort. The main one I was thinking of would be a castle or rook from the game of chess.

Running Raiders: A pair of shoes is the best I can come up with for this one.

The Program: A TV set or PC Monitor. Maybe a generic helmet or an emblem similar to NBA or MLB.  :o

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Assault- Rambo type with a really big gun, kind of like what Jesse Ventura had in "Predator".


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