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NFL Week 15


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Do you keep stats on who you think will win, and what the standings would be if all your tips came true?

I'd like to see it for interest's sake.

Of course, that would have the Pats at 1-14 and getting the Reggie Bush nameplate ready for the lockerroom.

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packers will have a chance this week (finally)

And further :censored: up their draft pick...

Doesn't matter anyways. They have no shot at Bush and they're not taking Leinart with Aaron Rodgers already in the mix.

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Samkon Gando may be good and Favre may have 1 or 2 years left any way.

Gado isn't going to be Green Bay's starting RB if Ahman Green and/or Najeh Davenport is/are still around in '06.

Theres almost no chance Green is back. And myself along with many other Packer fans would rather have Gado than Najeh back. He's mediocre and very injury prone while Samkon is showing flashes of greatness.

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