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Calgary Horse is Back


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The Calgary Flames wore these last night.



I thought they were done with these.

When they were actually used on a regular basis, I didn't think much of them. Now that they brought them back for the first time in a while, I'm starting to realize how much I miss them.

*sorry, I could only find one picture of the actual game.

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I worked a St. Louis hockey camp with Bob Bassen in the summer of 1998. He had just been traded to Calgary and the Flames had just revealed the Horse logo. I mentioned to him that I liked the new logo. He looked at me like I had two heads and said something to effect of, "that thing looks horrible".

Personally I like the fire breathing horse logo much better than the flaming C. I always thought the Atlanta Flames flaming A logo was awesome, but for some reason the flaming C just never looked quite right to me.

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I think they're wearing them on the road because their fans realize the horse head is ugly.

It is ugly--I never liked it, but it took awhile to figure out the biggest problem--no mane--it's a bald horse!

Put a flaming mane on it and it might not be too bad--probably not great, but not too bad.

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I never did like the flaming horsehead. Of course, I understand the connection to the Calgary Stampede, but I seem to recall the team flirting with relocation to Oklahoma City around the time those logos were introduced. Thus, I always thought that this logo was connected to a potential move/name change...probably influenced my dislike. Does anyone else recall this?

BTW, I did like the Atlanta Flames' flaming A, but I really love the flaming C!

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