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Random thoughts on the line of scrimmage


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i'm sitting here and i'm thinking about tuesday's Rome is Burning...and i wanna know something:

whose dumb idea was it to give brenda warner her own radio show?  i'm not even in st. louis and the thought of it makes me wanna puke.  i'd rather watch sharon osbourne's show and listen to a gregorian chant.  

as long as i brought up radio shows, anyone ever tune into the radio factor?  i don't watch his tv show, but all i gotta say is bill o'reilly's style reminds me of jim rome's in a way.  i can't put my finger on it, though.  much better than listening to a gregorian chant :P

the news is on in the other room here, so i think i'll say something about kobe's situation.  i don't condone cheating on your spouse at any time, but at the same time i think they're protecting this girl too much.  she's not a minor, and it's not like kobe is some cold-blooded killer, just a laker who thinks he's invincible.  they got it in for him, they wanna knock the superstar down a lot of pegs...that's the way i see it, i'm not even completely sure johnnie cochran can get #8 out of this one.  that's who i'd get if i were kobe, that and a lie detector for him and the girl.  i'll be surprised if one of you tells me they didn't give one to each of em. ???

another random thought, any of you feeling like your town's infested with these pesky chinese beetles?  you know, the ones that look like ladybugs except with a more goldish shell and they pinch.  i was walkin to a small store a block away from my house when i saw a bunch of em...i had to shake off at least 10 of those damn beetles on my way there.

that's all i wrote, yall have a good nite  :P

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Bill O'Reilly is a great interviewer becuase he does not allow his guest to BS around, if they are avoiding the question he gets on them. He is the only one who really tries to ask the tough questions which is why many politicans avoid his show.
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hoo boy, we are entering uncharted territory with this one

as far as radio shows go, KSJO out here has a morning show "the Mikey Show" hosted by a jock simply known as, yup you guessed it, Mikey. On his show he has his A's-49ers fan (what I call "crossdresser") producer Eddie, the weed smoking traffic girl Skye, and the 350 pound stunt boy Boy Blunder. Now, the one on this show that annoys me the most is the traffic girl Skye. the most annoying thing about her IMO opinion is this:

Eddie gives a sports report about once an hour. He cant even get out the score to a Giants game without Skye saying "YAAAAAAYYYY BIG CAT! HE CATS IT UP!" Every time I hear that I feel like banging my head against the steering wheel of my work truck......Its so freaking annoying that I cant even hear my baseball team's highlights from the previous night! oh well, I guess thats what the dial is for. But at that point in the morning Im too lazy to be messing with my dials in that heavy traffic......

annoying traffic girl aside though, you guys should hear the Michael Jackson impressions that Mikey does! Often its the highlight of his show! :laugh:

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Great post.

Do you ever hear when Rome is on vacation, Steve Czaban filling in for him?  He's my favorite.  Hes out of DC but he does a daily call in here in Milwaukee.  He's AWESOME.

Kobe's toast.

I hate those friggin beatles!! It got to like 80 here the last two days and they came out of nowhere. Bastards!  thousands of them....two road in my house on my shirt and i spared no expense smashing them.

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Khari Jones' (Blue Bombers' starting QB) wife writes a decent column in the Free Press (it's as good as a column in the Life section gets, but then again, she's not known for the same reasons as Brenda Warner. If I were Kurt, I'd have a good talk with her before letting her pick up the phone, never mind get a radio show. But I digress...

Never heard O'Reilly, but I've seen Jim Rome on The Last Word, and I personally don't like his style. But then again, I hate athletes and coaches giving beat-around-the-bush, bullcrap answers, so more power to them.

Prior to watching yesterday's episode of CSI: (yeah, I'm a fan, sue me), I was skeptical of the girl's story. Now I'm officially neutral. I sincerely hope Kobe is telling the truth, but I'm not sure right now. It looks bad for him.

Winnipeg's got lotsa mosquitoes in the summer (big suckers, not the tiny things other provinces call mosquitoes), but lately the city has been doing a pretty good job of fogging and spraying to keep the skeeter population relatively under control. Of course, during a wet, hot summer, you're pretty much powerless to stop them, but lately I'll give them two thumbs up for the job their doing. No Chinese Beetles though.

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actually, the bigger the mosquito, the less dangerous they are. (at least around here anyways)

its the little bastards that bite. the larger ones actually eat smaller mosquitos and are often referred to as "mosquito hawks". I havent dealt with much as far as mosquitos go, because the Contra Costa County vector control does its duties with them.

now....yellow jackets.... :angry: dont get me started....

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We don't have any radio shows here, although the new radio station out of Membertou (local native reserve) has a character called the Professor who speaks in an overbearingly annoying high pitched redneck voice (and does a decent Krusty the Clown impression) constanly plugging "that good ol' Country Chicken!" (the reserve's fried chicken outlet that tastes exactly like KFC, right down to that mysterious spice that tastes like puke.)

Here is my law about radio stations:

The smaller the city the radio station is in, the more special effects the DJ will use.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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been long enough, and i'm thinking again...

that's the thing i love about rome and o'reilly, they both have said things i don't agree with, but they say what they gotta say, if ya don't like it then screw you.  matter of fact i used to do a section in the school paper that was mostly like this thread: me spouting off on whatever i felt like.

i hear frequently that most of the folks down south in general, and specifically Atlanta, are from somewhere else (case in point: three older cousins(you notice a trend here?) all live somewhere down south: one's in Florida, another's in Atlanta and the last one's as hard to track down as bin laden.)  therefore Atlanta's pro teams are known for their fairweather fans.  i don't have any point, i'm just throwin out something i've heard over the years.

gettin on that, i have a weird trait.  as far as playing basketball goes, there must be something in the chicago air.  i say this cus i think i literally found my game there and also left it there too :laugh: serious, either that or something mental, cus it was many years ago, but i saw i could actually shoot for a while.  nowadays i got a strange feeling that i could pick up skating real fast...this is considering i've never worn ice skates in my life, a byproduct of having no rink in town :angry: times like that i wish i actually visited milwaukee more often

don't know about you, but i have an eerie feeling that mark prior's gonna look like jim's dad from american pie in about 30 years-i'm not joking, they got the same face :D sorry mark!

i also got the feeling that scary movie 3's gonna be one of those movies i wouldn't mind pooping on.  and i was checkin out the new magazines when i see SI's now making an SI Teen mag...what, the regular SI's too complicated?

enjoy CCSLP's midnight showing of 'The Program'  :D

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matter of fact i used to do a section in the school paper that was mostly like this thread: me spouting off on whatever i felt like.

I edited the school paper last year, so yeah, you could say the Sports section was rather SyPhi-flavoured. (As a sidenote, I've heard the flavour SyPhi* tastes like a fusion of chicken, caramel, and the Extreme Fajitas from Chotchkies (sp?), but I have no conclusive evidence to back that up.)

*SyPhi is not a real flavour. Any resemblance to any real flavour is entirely coincidental. CCSL Boards, SyPhi, and SyPhi Creations are not responsible for any injuries or illnesses caused trying to emulate this flavour. Vote Quimby.

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second and 5...ball on the 34 yard line...

'one size fits all' hats suck for guys with big heads...got one at my high school's home opener, just wore it today and it gave me a headache.  

here we go...oysters and sardines.  all i gotta say is i used to love sardines, didn't eat em for about a decade and recently reintroduced em to myself...sho taste good with hotsauce.  oysters are good too, especially when heated up.  also good if you put em in clam chowder :D

*gets in some sort of rhythm*

jessica simpson and nick lachey

crazy mess happenin every other day

is this chicken in the sea or is this fish?

i sho hope i don't get put on the line of scrimmage

and dissed by Discrimihater

that crazy crossfader

but i got some love for yall

i can't play golf neither, all i do is ball

i ain't rich and i ain't a prettyboy

but i woulda married jess, ya know

*drops the mic*

ok, so i do watch newlyweds...let's see if jess can cook :P  so what if she ain't the brightest bulb in the scoreboard, i know people dumber

um...flipping through the local paper, the Journal Times, i saw the name of this guy i went to middle school with.  unfortunately, it wasn't good....he apparently killed someone recently.

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