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Another Tampa Bay Lightning Concept


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I was playing around with my own Lightning concept the same time Drezz was working on his, and we were bouncing ideas off one another. Below is what I ultimately settled on. I'm more happy with the text being in white, so disregard the logo on the right. This was something I did a couple months ago, and don't have the .ai file to edit at the moment.

I also did some quick and dirty uniforms to go with it. I basically ripped of the "lightning bolt" design that a couple of ECHL teams use (Stockton and Toledo, if I recall), and thought it might look cool with this. I would actually prefer a more traditional jersey design, but I wanted to try it out with this concept.

Alright, tear it apart! :D



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I love the logo, but the uniforms are a bit too busy. I don't know that a traditional approach would be right for the jerseys, but something more along like what Trashville(not knocking the city, just the team...I've never been to Nashville) has might be more appropriate.

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I like to start with the positives: I LOVE the shoulder patch logo.

I don't like the main logo. It's a bit busy, and I'm a minimalist. I dig the new color scheme and would like to see a representation of just a lightning bolt in those colors. The jerseys are a cool concept, but a bit gimmicky. So, overall, I grade it a B. So, my only suggestions are a simpler logo....the representation of the city is very well done, but seems more appropriate of an alternate logo. And clean up the unis. Nice work. I, personally, would take your shoulder patch logo and expand that to the primary. That's just one man's opinion.

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