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Report : Raptors Offer Dennis Rodman a Tryout


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Ok i was whatchin smackdown on the score, and that little bar under neith the show ,where they show the recap of the shows, and one part said "report : raptors offer F Dennis Rodman a tryout" ............. yaaaa .....

Im lost why do they want this guy lol ? And if this is true is this really guna help the raptors ???


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I don't blame them.  If you're not gonna win games, you gotta try to get people in the seats somehow.  Might as well.

Sheesh if the Raptors are really serious about signing Rodman, why not just suit up the team in "Washington Generals" uniforms too?


At least then if they intend on throwing away the season, they should at least look the part.

We all have our little faults. Mine's in California.

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Deniis Rodman is surely a poor choice for the Raptors....I cannot beleive it when I saw that announcement on the Score during a show... geez what a dumb move if that ever happens.. blah the Raptors dont even need him BUT if that is the case... hope he can help the team.. if not... lost opporunity anyways...

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Uhm.. hello? Have you guys been playing pick-up games with him, so as to accurately judge his ability?

If he gets an invite, trys out, and the coach thinks he can add something to the team, then GOOD. Who cares how old he is, or how much he sexed Carmen Electra (who is yummy, by the way, until you think about a guy whose nickname is 'the worm' wailing into her.)

If he can play, let him play. I'm positive the coaches and GM are far better at picking talent that the group of non-accounts around here.

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