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WHA Concept Project


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Hey all!

First post on the new board.  While I like the FanHone/Insiders board, I think this one will be better.  The "exclusivity" might cut down on the useless polls and mega-league posts if you know what I mean, and I think you do. :laugh:

Anyhow, just a repost from the other board.  I don't know if anyone has any interest or cares about this, seeing as how I've gotten no feedback, but I'm going to continue on with this at least for my own enjoyment.

As I had mentioned before, I've been working on some WHA jersey concepts. I approached the project as if the WHA never folded, and the mindset was that there was no "tradition" in the jerseys, like you would find in the NHL. Additionally, I thought that CCM/Koho wouldn't supply the jerseys, and SP would. Not that it really matters, but I like the little details like that...  So with that being said, some of my concepts might seem a little "out there."

So far, I've put together concepts for the following teams:

Baltimore Blades -- Home, Road, Alt

Birmingham Bulls -- Home, Road

Calgary Cowboys -- Home, Road

Chicago Cougars -- Home, Road

Cincinnati Stingers -- Home, Road, Alt

Cleveland Crusaders -- Home, Road, Alt

Denver Spurs -- Home, Road

Edmonton Oilers -- Home, Road

Florida Breakers* -- Home, Road

Houston Aeros -- Home, Road, Alt

Indianapolis Racers -- Home, Road

Los Angeles Aces* -- Home

Los Angeles Sharks -- Home, Road, Alt

Miami Screaming Eagles -- Home, Road, Alt

Michigan Stags -- Home, Road

Minnesota Fighting Saints -- Home, Road, Alt

New England Whalers --  Home, Road

New Jersey Knights --  Home, Road

New York Golden Blades -- Home, Road

New York Raiders -- Home, Road

Ottawa Nationals -- Home, Road

Phoenix Roadrunners -- Home, Road

Quebec Nordiques -- Home, Road, Alt

San Diego Mariners -- Home, Road, Alt

San Francisco Sharks* -- Home

Vancouver Blazers -- Home, Road

Winnipeg Jets -- Home, Road, Alt

WHA All-Stars -- Home, Road

* -- Rumoured, but never played

I'd love to hear feedback -- Any questions, comments, quibbles or criticism is always appreciated! If there's any interest in seeing some of my other WHA concepts, feel free to let me know.

As always, thanks to Roger Clemente and STL Fanatic for the template, Roger Clemente, Snowcap and myself for the resources, HockeyDB, LogoServer, Eriq Jaffe and The SLE for the WHA team and league logos, and the SP company for the SP logo.

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NYMets920 -- Oops!  My bad!  Got the link fixed now...   Thanks!   :cool:

Roger Clemente -- Thanks for the feedback!  It's nice to know someone has looked at these!

Glad you like the Bulls jerseys.  Perhaps you noticed it, but the upside down Sens swoosh is supposed to represent a bulls horn.  I dunno...  Maybe it's obvious...  :;):

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YzerFan19 -- Thanks for the feedback!  It's much appreciated!

Also wanted to bump this, as I've posted my Michigan Stags concepts.  Not as wild as the Bulls or Blazers jerseys, but I'll let you guys be the judges.

As always, thanks for looking!

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Chris -- Thanks for the feedback!  Glad you like the Stags jerseys.  Definitely a different approach compared to the real jerseys they wore.  I had a feeling the Blazers jersey might be a bit out there (not as much as that Bulls jersey) but like you said, this is the WHA.  I really wanted to just go crazy with different ideas.

Of course, that being said, the Cincinnati Stingers jerseys (which I have just posted) do have a more conventional look to them.  IMO, they could double as potential Boston Bruins jerseys.  Enjoy!  :)

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Frylock's WHA Jersey Concept World Tour CONTINUES!!!

This time, I've posted jerseys for the Denver Spurs and Los Angeles Sharks.  I've kind of altered the colors for the Spurs, trying to give it more of a western feel.

Feedback is always welcomed!  :)

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Hello Cleveland!  Rock and Roll!

That's right, I've posted my Cleveland Crusaders concepts.  IMO, I think the home and road jerseys are pretty sharp, but the alt...  I'm not sure.  But I guess I figured, what the hell.  Afterall, my criteria was that there was no tradition to be bound by.  Enjoy, won't we?  :;):

notoriousap -- Thank you for the feedack!  If you'd like to use those for your upcoming site, go right ahead.  All I ask is you give me credit.  As for recreating the actual jerseys, I won't be able to as I don't have all the resources to do it.  Sounds cool, though!  Perhaps someone else might want to do it?

Be sure to let us know when your site is up and running!  :)

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Houston, you're on the air...

Here we go with another WHA concept.  This time, the Houston Aeros.  I've resisted doing anything with the Aeros because that simple "AEROS" down the front is synonymous (sp?) with Gordie Howe as an Aero.  Furthermore, I really couldn't come up with anything really creative for them.  But the jerseys have been posted.  As for the Alt jersey, it's inspired by the Aeros first set of jerseys used in the 1972/73 season only.  Check out Drop the Pucks for pics of a 1972/73 road jersey.

SharkHatesBrown -- Sorry bro!  It really happened!  In fact, when Doug Wilson was introduced during the Skills Challenge at the 1992 All-Star Game in Philly, he was referred to as a member of the Los Angeles Sharks!  :laugh:

Shark and kc51design -- Thank you for the compliments on the Crusaders jerseys!  I thought the sword would be a cool touch.  I really wanted something to play off of the logo, and it sure wasn't going to be anything horse related.  I didn't want another Flames jersey fiasco...  :;):

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would any potential NHL team in Houston be allowed to take the Aeros name? that name just seems synonymous with hockey in Houston

They'd have to buy it from the AHL's Houston Aeros (who would have to move once the NHL moved in to Houston)

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As always, thanks for the feedback, guys!

As for the name "Houston Aeros", I believe YzerFan is correct.  One thing I forgot to mention is that I absolutely love the AHL/IHL Aeros jerseys.  They have done great justice to the heritage of the Houston Aeros name.  That's one reason why I was reluctant to do these jerseys.

STL -- Glad you like the H/R jerseys!  Is there anything particular you don't like about the Alt?  Is it the SJ/Philly style?  I admit it doesn't look great, but I was trying to go for the essence of the original jersey.

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Another set has been posted...  This time, the Ottawa Nationals.  I altered the logo a bit, just to be different.  The striping on the jersey was inspired by the original Nationals jersey, but obviously isn't exact.



I just checked the images, and they look like crap.  I need to resave them with less compression.  I wasn't thinking clearly when I converted the images from .bmp to .jpg.  I hope to have them fixed by the end of the day.

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