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Revamping BP (and spring training)


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BEST - White Sox and Yankees are head and shoulders above the rest. But as has been said, if you go with a white or gray BP jersey you're going to run into some odd clashes, since half the time the team would be wearing that color (white or gray) in the wrong stadium, with the wrong color pants.

HONORABLE MENTION: Mariners, Tigers, Blue Jays.

WORST - Twins. White jerseys without pinstripes paired with white pants with pinstripes is the definition of mismatching. It looks like someone screwed up the uniforms when they ordered them. It just doesn't work. I don't even mind some of the other white BP jerseys, but it can't work with pinstripes only on the pants.

NL: [reserving commentary until the entire league is presented]

So far, I'm liking a lot of what you've done. Keep it up.

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In order for the Mets' run of 12 losses in 17 games to mean something, the Phillies still had to win 13 of 17.

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Bravos: thinkin in a new area code has its benefits, as shown here

D-backs: heh, just average. which means usable, more or less.

Reds: heh, I was sorta hoping you'd make em hideous, but you didn't. it's something I'd buy if I didn't hate the team.

my Cubbies: thirding the disappointment...heh well, you didn't use navy so that's a plus. trust me, it coulda been much worse.


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thanks for the input guys, i see where you are coming from on all your points, the ones you dont think work, i knew would be seen that way, and vice-versa. now, for another update. i bring to you the NL's next two, the teams of '93...

Colorado Rockies


Florida Marlins

with these i obviously tried to tone down the black, and seperate the teams from every other team that uses black a lot. though you shouldnt thank me yet, because i will have a team in a black jersey that you might not expect...

C&C appreciated.

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These are awesome. The Yankees one is cool. I don't really like the tomahawk on the Braves one. I looks out of place on it. The marlins teal is sweet though.



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Colorado.....not so good, and that's not all your fault because the colors are terrible to begin with.

My favorites so far are the Yankees, White Sox, and the Twins.

I dis-like the reds changing their secondary from black 2 to navy blue. The BP you did for them would look better with black.

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Dom: i agree, but i felt that a team with such a well known look could make the black okay to wear, and its just a BP jersey, so i figured why not. plus ive always love black with red, white, and blue.

Shumway: totally coincidental, ill look into that jersey though, it would be sweet to own.

Dmore: looking at their jerseys i noticed that, those 2 were basically the same. i wanted to get away from that safe BP jersey and give them a new look.

thanks for the feedback!

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thanks for your input all, but now prepare to be blown away.....in a bad way. y'all are going to kill me, but here come the next 2...

Houston Astros


Los Angeles Dodgers

please dont murder me, i thought it would be a good idea, and i still feel that it looks good...

input please, and hate messages are also welcome.

Im a HUGE fan of the Astros brick red color, and I wish they would use the Brick hat more than just once a week at home. I LOVE the BP for the Stros.

That black jersey is ugly as hell. Probably the ugliest BP in the league, in fact its so bad its close to disrespectful to the Dodgers organization, especailly since it looks as if theyre copying the Giants. I LOVE it. Awesome work. You improved the Stros and made the Dodgers look horrible. Perfect. :D


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