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This is my first try at a hockey uni


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My rendition of what should be the alternate New York Islanders jersey...


Well? How do you like it?

I know the helmet looks demented... but YOU try making a vector copy of a hockey helmet without taking much time!

This vector template was one I just personally made, based on STL Fanatic's gif template.

I changed the outline style of the NYI logo to match the jersey. But hey, I've done it on the NFL jerseys, so I thought I'd try it out. If you think it sucks, I'll stick to the NFL, but I dunno. I've been on a roll lately.

Well, keep it real,

Braden  :cool:

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Holy crap! I didn't expect this! Honest!

I thought that if it's an alternative jersey, it should have a completely different look than their originals. And it sorta does look the same. I also thought that orange wasn't a good colour to use, since the recent Islanders and Flyers alt. uniform comletely SUCK. Sorry Isles and Flyers fans, but it's true. I thought orange was a bad colour to use. That's why I originally thought it sucked.

...but I guess it doesn't...  ???

Now, I've been doing NFL uniforms, doodling in my binder since last year, and with the help of SSUR just recently, I've converted the jerseys to gifs. But not hockey. This was my first time doing an NHL jersey. You guys have been experimenting with so many designs for all the teams... well... the ones that need it  :laugh:  and I thought I'd join in.

Well waddya know?

Expect some more soon from the B-man, keep it real,

Braden  :cool:

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