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Miami Hurricanes football


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With this concept I was going for something that we have never seen on a football field before. I chose Miami because I thought they could pull off a template like this. Basically what you have is 4 jerseys. An orange jersey, green jersey, but here's the different part, two white jerseys. There is a white jersey that matches the green jersey and a white jersey that matches the orange jersey. That means 4 different pairs of pants, and four different jerseys, which is not inconcievable since Oregon has 4 of both. I hope you like it and please tell me what you think.


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I like them..........Any chance of a new helmet logo?

I figured that their helmet has been through numerous uniform changes and still looks good with all of them. The only difference is that I made the "U" slightly bigger.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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