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More NHL concepts


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So i'm glad that i'm getting good comments and constructive criticism on my other concepts. I PROMISE THAT I WILL CLEAN THEM UP EVENTUALLY. Also, if anyone has suggestions, i'll fix them up.

I figured that the NHL should not have all the same templates, but some should share templates. But even with the same template, they should be unique enough where it won't be dull.

So first off are the Anaheim Ducks. Looking at them on TV, I get them very confused with the Pittsburgh Penguins. So I figured to add more Orange. Also, again, i'm trying to go with the "no horizontal stripe" rule that's going to be implied by Reebok.


Next are the LA Kings. I used the same template as the Chicago Blackhawks. I was thinking that a pinstripe concept could be interesting for a team that uses alot of black and grey. Again, it's different and it's only a concept. I also added an LA logo for the upper shoulder.


Next are the Philadelphia Flyers. They pretty much obey the "no horizontal stripe" rule already. The only problem I have is that they use white sleeves for home games so that the sleeves match the whites the other team is wearing. Also, their colors are black and orange, yet those black jerseys were mostly black and white with barely any orange.


Lastly are the Edmonton Oilers. I pretty much took the same idea I had with the Canadiens and applied the same idea and used the alternate numbers.


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1) use the normal flyers logo

I'm with you on that. I've never really warmed to the 3D type thing they have going with the alternate logo. For that matter I can't really get into the "Finding Nemo" alternate jersey. When it comes to the Flyers they should really stick to the ones introduced in 1982 and use the orange as the away, and the current black ones as the alternate.

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I like the concept of the ducks except that the stripes on this jersey end bluntly. On a real jersey this might look weird. Also, grey is not in there new color scheme. The logo imo will someday have be the logo they use in the future.

The kings look unfinished and even though pinstripes are not traditional to hockey, I like seeing more nontraditional hockey concepts.

Philly is cool but with little change.

Oilers are awsome in a nascar kind of way and that it uses a retro feel also, but it may be to much for most hockey fans.

Overall interesting work.


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Try cleaning up your concepts before posting them

And try different things. All you did with two of them is recoulour and change the logo


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Thanks for all your comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms. I really appreciate it. Everyone's advice (except for commander cody :cursing: ) is going to help me put up better concepts in the future.

I figured it would be my best bet to put the rough ideas up, then put of finished products of the concepts other people liked and want to see an improvement over. Thus, after I'm done with most of my major papers in school, I'll get back and clean up or redo the Canadiens, Flyers, Ducks, and Oilers concepts. And I admit, now that I look at the Flyers concept, it sucks as bad as the Blackhawks without Havlat.

Again, I want to thank you all for your comments (except for commander cody :cursing: ).

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dude wtf I was just saying that you should clean up your concepts a bit.

Iam not saying your bad. Infact your better than I was when i first started.

I like the oilers one but. It's the same as the canadians

The ducks one is good, The striping matches their uniforms.

The kings.... I don't no what to say.

All you have to do is look them over and clean them up as much as possible before releasing them

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And TigersFan92826, for future reference, it's probably not a good idea to post your own stuff in a thread someone else started. Some people can get pretty touchy about threadjacking like that. Don't hesitate to start your own thread.

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