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2 nfl uniform concepts


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I picked these 2 teams because I think they are both in need of some changes. The Bills' new unis are just godawful, and now that the Chiefs are good I think it's time for a Rams-esque update.

I tried no to introduce any radical changes, and I tried to stick with what the team already has (bad or good) as much as I could. Obviously, I had to change some things.

For the Chiefs, I DID add black. I tried to do it like the 49ers did when they did their update -- so it is simply an accent color. Besides, the Chiefs do have black on their helmets. I darkened the red. Also, I decided to no go in the direction of gold. Instead, I went with a pale yellow/tan. I know it sounds bad, but what I wanted to do was separate the Chiefs from the Redskins and I also wanted to bring the colors of the helmet (red, white and black) with those of the rest of the uniform (red, white and yellow). I kept the same arrowhead logo, but recolored it to the pale yellow (the color that an arrowhead would be in reality) so that all the team colors appear on both the helmet and jerseys. I added a black alternate that I am not sold on as far as tradition goes, but I do think it would look pretty badass on Priest Holmes charging down the field.

For the Bills, I eliminated two colors that I felt are not needed at all - the lighter blue and silver. I recolored their logo to navy (hardly noticeable at all and I don't think this messes with tradition in the least). I go rid of the awful blue shouldered white jersey. I DID keep the underarm red stripes, because I didn't want to get too far from what they have now. Basically I just simplified all the striping. I tried to go for a true "red, white and blue" look. I like the idea of the helmet, jersey and pants each being one of those 3 colors (a la the French soccer team's unis which I think look really sharp). A blue-on-blue combo (like they have now) would still be possible. In addition to all this, I added a red alt which I think is sorely needed.

Let me know what you think:



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Two great concepts. I actually like the black in the Chiefs concept and love the tan-ish color added to the arrowhead.

On the Bills concept you did a great job of taking their old look and upgrading it without going overboard. Too bad the bills don't look like this today.

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Nice addition jesus (ok,i wonder how many times ill get to say that again?)

Bills concept- Very strong, i like the pants, they remind me of the old bills for somereason, which worked. id add a white helmet too. I agree, theyare trying far too hard with all the colors, its really weak, but overall design isnt bad. I can see them doing something subtle like this.

Chiefs concept- I like it, but i have to dock points for them looking exactly like the Eastern State Timberwolves, from The program. Plus,that bright red is one thing i dont see the chiefs touching.

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on the chiefs, i like it a lot, though i think the tan would make a better choice for alternate jersey.  you can't see the yellow on their current unis that well as it is, so now i end.

bills, it doesn't remind me of much.  oh, right, the old bills.  i woulda gone royal just cus so many teams already have navy.


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I pretty much don't have anything to add to what everyone else is saying, but here goes my rendition anyway:

Bills:  This is a great concept all around.  I think the simplifying of their color scheme is DESPERATELY needed.  I wish the blue was still just a little incy-wincy bit lighter, just to differentiate between them and the Pats while throwing back to the past just a little at the same time.  The lone problem is that the side striping on your red alternate doesn't match the white pants.  It's really not a big deal since I think the red alternate looks great anyway.

Overall: A

Everything about this screams "Implement me NOW!!!"  I just want them to get a little lighter with their blue so they don't look just like the division rival Pats.

Chiefs:  I really like what you were trying to do here.  I think their bright-ass red needs to stay.  I have a serious problem with teams making their colors darker and darker for no reason in particular.  (For an example... see the Bills, Rams, Eagles and 49ers)  I'm not saying they look bad by any means, but they're just all starting to blend together.  Keep the Cheifs' red as red as it can be.  I do like the addition of the black accent.  If any team can pull off adding black to their scheme, it's definately the cheifs.  I do despise the off yellow color though.  If you gave them a genuine gold color, not the redskins faded dark yellow but actual gold (i.e. notre dame's helmets), they'd have a really sharp look going.  Just have a look at the gold the San Diego State Aztecs implemented into their scheme.  It's really subtle but looks awesome with the black and red.

Overal:  B+

The concept is great, the colors just need slight tweaks.  Bright red is necessary.  Pale Yellow = Ass Ugly, 24 Karat Gold = Not Ass Ugly

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Bills: You've really done the job for the bills. Their current color scheme is or might be a little too complex and that's a classy look seems more appropriate for the bills. Just remove the white contour of the red side striping and modify the pants. But altogether, it's an awesome job.

Chiefs: Sorry but i think it's a little off. Change that brick red color to regular red. Also, keep the logo white and it should be only on the helmet. It looks more like the redskins the way you made it.

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