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NHL Championship Banners Signature


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Blues if you are willing... There isn't much...

Blues Banner Years


Western Division Champions


Western Division Champions


Smythe Division Champions


Smythe Division Champions


Norris Division Champions


Norris Division Champions


Central Division Champions

Presidents' Trophy

Hey man I made two versions for you:



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Good god, these are brilliant.

Could I get one for the Rangers when you have the chance? Can't find a shot of the entire rafters, but they follow this template.


Sure no problem. I had them on my list to do. Give me a few. Thanks.

This is what I have so far. I am also going to do the following:

Conference Championships

Eastern Conference champion: 1993-94

Division Championships

American Division: 1926-27, 1931-32

Patrick Division: 1989-90, 1991-92

Atlantic Division: 1993-94

I may have to combine banners if it gets too big/long. I really dont like to go smaller b/c you may lose some detail. let me know what you think so far.


Here's what is looks like with all banners (2 versions):



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These are really cool and I like the use of the old logos. However, the Devils sig is missing the '88 Patrick Division Playoff Champions Banner with the red and green logo.Keep up the good work

Thanks for the C+C.

Note: The Patrick Divison winner in 1988 was the New York Islanders. The Devils finished in 4th place that year in the Division.

The Devils were the 1987-1988 Patrick Division Play-off Champions. Back then you played a division semi-final and a division final against teams in your division before you got to the Conference Championship. Devils beat the islanders in the first round, and i believe the Capitals in the 2nd round.

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A Thrashers one shouldn't take much time...

Here is a Thrashers one...

Wait how can I do that if they have never even won a playoff game :P . I guess its better than the Blue Jackets though; they haven't even made the playoffs yet.

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