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Super bowl uniforms


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who will wear what in the superbowl

i hope carolina gets to wear their dark jerseys- because they are so much better than their whites

this, like last year, is a great year for uniforms in the superbowl

also, in the 4 major sports (nhl, nba, nfl, mlb) when was the last time green was the major color of a championship team?

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Yeah, Pats in blue, Panthers in white (although, it would be nice to see them in the silver pants, or the alt blue.)

Chazberg, I wish they sold the patches!  You know how much they'd go for and how much they could rip us off to pad Reebok's wallet?  Shoot, I'd love to get one of those.  I already have ones from the World Series and the Stanley Cup.

3 posts to 1000...and a super suprise!

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These never see the field.  The ones on the field are the same ones used all season with the patch on the right side.

To my knowledge, these "fan" jerseys started at SB XXXV.  They had the template of the Titans but instead of navy with powder blue, it was white with gold.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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