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Nmsu contest over


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The fine folk over at NMSU have made their selection, and the winner is.....

Paynomind's Crimson Storm logo!


Congratulations Paynomind, if you wouldn't mind creating a vector image of this logo these guys will start printing merchandise.

Second and third place is a tie, and they went to...

Hobgrish's Crimson Posse:



Rozilla's Crimson Herd:


Good work guys.

(I would've posted this in the pinned topic, but I figured most would just skip over the pin.)

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I will work on a vector version ASAP. I created that in Photoshop, so i will need to kinda start over. Good reason to dive right in to Illustrator! I've been putting it off for way too long.

Chris, is there any input about changes they'd like to see, such as integrating the NMSU logo, adding the touch of teal like the posse logo, or anything?

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Thank you!

I really don't know how often to come out taking curtain calls... I am really honored to have been chosen, and your guys support is killer. I really appreciate it.

Yes, aone ranger, your idea provided inspiration... thank you

And YES all of you guys who submitted ideas sent in some really great work. I am very impressed with the showing we put up for tihs contest. I hope we as a group get a chance to do this type of thing again.

Maybe, even, next time, we could all vote on a couple we liked the best, then work on improving and tweakign those. That way, we submitted three, really strong logos, with a couple versions of each. Just an idea.

Thanks again, guys!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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