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Ben Lomond High School (Ogden, UT)


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Hey y'all!

Well, I came across a school looking up some high school teams on the net and I came across an interesting school. they are the Ben Lomond Scots, located in Ogden, Utah. When I went to thier website, I discovered that they have no main logos other than an interlocking "BL". Thier colors are Scottish plain Navy and Scottish Plaid red, if that makes any sence. I tried to find thier football page, but thier page is under construction, so I have no idea what they currently wear. I got interested and decided to try and make my own primary logo and football uni for them, being that I didnt see any of thiers anywhere.

Well, without further due, the Ben Lomond Scots!

First up.....the primary logo - IDK if the plaid pattern is right or not, so please dont blast it haha


And now, the football uniform


Jimmy Eat World



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I really like 'em. I especially like how you've matched the shoulder and pants stripes in a very unconventional way.

I do agree, however, that there needs to be something else on the helmets besides the script. I'd suggest putting that crest behind it.

Not the swords, mind you. Just the plaid crest.

Sigs are for sissies.

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It reminds me an awful lot of the Troy State logo, but I guess that logo isn't too original in its own right.

1 hour ago, ShutUpLutz! said:

and the drunken doodoobags jumping off the tops of SUV's/vans/RV's onto tables because, oh yeah, they are drunken drug abusing doodoobags

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